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Review: Japhia Life “Welcome To Heartsville”

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard an album from Japhia Life, four years to be exact, since the release of The Profit. On August 18th, we were given a new project to take in and enjoy, Welcome To Heartsville.

As you listen to the album, you begin to see why the title fits. The one word that came to mind while listening is “heartfelt”, and this album is full of heartfelt content. Topics ranged from unforgiveness, anger, suicide, the realities and struggles of the hood, and love for a God who is always near and in the midst of it all.

Japhia is one of the most authentic artists and he has been consistent from the moment we heard Pages Of Life to what we hear on this project. Speaking of Pages Of Life, this new project brought that classic album to mind! As relevant as the content and production was, it also felt like a throwback, which I believe was intentional.

As powerful as Japhia’s rhymes were, the production played such an integral part in why this listening experience was so enjoyable! The usage of piano keys and hard kicks, along with warm samples provided a rich plate for him to provide a full-course meal of contemplation and introspection.

A few of my favorite tracks are “Margarette’s Prayer”, “Horton Beach”, and “Gun’s River”. Coincidentally, these three tracks are listed in that exact order on the album. I loved “Margarette’s Prayer,” because of how he showed the love of his mother and the presence of God throughout his life and circumstances. “Horton Beach” showed heartfelt love for those in the streets, and “Gun’s River” showed the negatives of reacting to foul situations in a foul way versus letting God throw those “guns” into the river.

I wish there were more tracks for us to enjoy, but at the same time, the project felt complete. If you’re a fan of heartfelt and honest music, then I’m sure you’ll feel welcomed in Heartsville.




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