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Resisting the Need for Validation While Doing God’s Will

We’ve all been given gifts, talents, and abilities by God. When you develop your relationship with the Lord, there are also passions that develop towards issues that God has designed for you to address. Once you’re fully invested, you flesh out your ideas, create a vision, and pursue that vision. As you pursue the vision and have the desire to share it with the public, you end up dealing with the issue of support from others. This is inevitable because of how invested you are in sharing your idea and passion, and because of how much you value it.

What makes it even more intense is how much you see God confirm that you’re doing what you’re supposed to do in this season of your life. An example would be my personal blog entitled Thoughts Of Redemption that I started almost three years ago. A series of events led me towards what I do now as a writer, and every now and then I think about the dynamics of following the vision and the visible support from those who know me.

I’ve shared my content at times on social media and received a few likes, yet no shares or comments. Or I’ve shared things that other friends have done, and haven’t gotten the same publicity from them with my content. This illustrates a very important point that I hope sinks in for you. There is no obligation for others to share what you’re doing.

I understand how logical it would be to expect those who know you personally to share what you’re doing currently with enthusiasm, especially if they see the quality of your work and the fruit it produces. It feels good and validates your impact in a visible way. I totally get that it feels weird to hear people say they see what you’re doing, and to keep going, yet they never take the time to share what you’re doing. But if what you’re doing truly has eternal value, and the hand of God is on it, then it will reach whoever God intended it to reach.

Thankfully I’ve never experienced bitterness or jealousy when it comes to the lack of public support, but you may read this and feel the struggle internally, and wished that you didn’t. I encourage you, remember that when God gives you a vision to serve a need He cares for, He will bring it to pass.

You will encounter people you never thought would be used by God to help you continue in progress and abundance. You will also be reminded that the thoughts and ways of God are higher than your own, and He’ll answer your needs in unexpected ways. Remain steadfast, immovable, and always abound in the work of the Lord, knowing that your work is never in vain (1 Corinthians 15:58).

Reject the automatic reaction that views the lack of publicity from your friends and acquaintances in a negative light. There are so many dynamics when it comes to producing something for the public to respond and commit to, both physical and spiritual. Just because people love you doesn’t mean they’ll always share what you’re doing, and it doesn’t prove they don’t love you. Even your friends and family are “customers” who respond in unique ways. I’ve seen engagement from my friends change based on the way my content was presented—from memes, to more videos, etc.

Trust God, love what you do, and stay committed to the process. If God is involved, He will produce His vision that is beyond what you planned and imagined for it, and it will reach those in ways you never thought possible.

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About Lamar Gibbs

Lamar Gibbs is a writer and content creator from Queens, New York. He’s been published on multiple platforms (Jam The Hype, Wade-O Radio, Culture & God, etc.) He's currently building on a vision God placed on his heart called Thoughts Of Redemption—a blog with the purpose of celebrating the process of thought and God's hand in it—"Change your thinking because He changed your life".

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