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Renowned Computer Scientist Expresses Doubts in Darwinian Evolution

In a recent interview with Stanford’s University’s Hoover Institution, famed computer scientist and Yale professor David Gelernter expresses his major doubts about Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Gelernter’s part in this panel is, in many ways, a further expanding on thoughts given in an essay published back in May, where Gelernter describes Darwinism as, “. . . no longer just a scientific theory but the basis of a worldview, and an emergency replacement religion for the many troubled souls who need one.”

Falling short of calling God a mathematician, Gelernter is still critical of the idea of intelligent design stating,  “…if there was/is an intelligent designer then why is the design not the most efficient, rather than prone to all sorts of problems, including the mental and emotional.” A similar sentiment in regard to the issue of suffering, shared by the likes of Neil deGrasse Tyson and others who more stringently hold to Darwinian evolution.

It seems like for Gelernter, Darwinian evolution does a good job of explaining the change and “fine-tuning” of existing species over time, but ironically fails to answer the bigger stated question of the actual origin of species.

Gelernter affirms that intelligent design needs to be considered more seriously in academia. Referring to it as “obvious and intuitive” alluding that intelligent design is possibly the better “ultimate answer”, Gelertner still seems reluctant to put significant stock in it, stating in his essay, “. . . as a theory, it would seem to have a long way to go.”


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