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Rapper DMC Asks: WTF Happened to Hip-Hop?

It’s always interesting hearing people’s opinions when I bring up the moral ethos of hip-hop culture. Some non-Christians disagree with me and some born again Christians disagree with my position. I grew up in the projects as a fatherless kid and was a bonafide product of hip-hop culture and can say without a doubt, that it had a profoundly negative effect on me.

It taught me how to view the men and women of my community. It taught me to be selfish, prideful and violent, and to be proud to be so. It taught me that the courage to commit crime and retaliate for the smallest infraction was where manhood was to be found. I now view those values as pure trash. Rapper DMC (of Run-DMC) seems to agree with the idea that hip-hop artists and culture is extremely influential and has a responsibility to the audience that it’s speaking to. Watch DMC talk about the influence his music had on some of the toughest grown men who looked up to him.

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