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Rap Artist Gemstones Predicted What President Trump Is Doing with His Song “New World”

For a follower of Christ, conspiracy theories can be a tricky topic. As representatives of God, it is our duty to handle truth appropriately, and when we fail to do so, we are literally lying about who God is. Nevertheless, the reality of information traveling through time is that many conspiracy theories have now become facts. So as damaging as it is to be loose with the truth, it’s just as damaging to try to hide from it.

When Christian Rapper Demarco “Gemstones” Castle released his debut album Blind Elephant, the ears of every conspiracy theorist perked all the way up upon hearing his song “New World.” Through a biblical lens and understanding of prophecy, he lyrically described what it appears is happening within our world that is leading us in the direction scripture paints a picture of.

As a Chicago native, he is particularly aware of what can happen to an entire city when sin seems to be having its way. So when President Donald Trump sent a tweet about the violence becoming an epidemic, Gemstones took note, and felt like he had heard this plot line before.


We invite you listen to “New World” below. Make no mistake, he takes it further with the theories than I think I’ve heard any other Christian rapper—cloning, chemtrails, reptilians, and more are all mentioned. Let us know in the comments if you believe he successfully exposed current realities that echo what the word of God says is headed our way, and even if you believe this instance is a reflection of that. Lets certainly pray for his city of Chicago, and I, for one, am praying for our president as well.


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