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Propaganda Explains How Our Country is Repeating Racism

Propaganda spoke passionately about race relations in a new interview with 247HH. To be honest, I almost didn’t watch or post it. I keep listening to people speak on this topic but it doesn’t feel like we’re getting anywhere with a solution. The magnitude of this multi-generational issue can leave you wondering if there’s any hope. We talk a lot about the United States as if it’s unique, but from what I can see, many of our issues are the same as those that have plagued every major civilization in history. Why should we expect to be any different?

I clicked the play button anyway, and I appreciate what Propaganda had to say and the way he said it. He explains specific examples that make up the maddening cycle of repeated racism and the effect it has on our country.

“Every generation of Black people had their heart-broken by the country,” he said. “My fear is that at some point none of us are reading our history and saying, ‘we tried that already’.”

Beyond that, he seems to be intentionally trying to overcome the burden of just talking circles around this problem instead of actually sparking action. Watch below as he shares his plans for that and more.

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