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Programmable Kicks: App That Changes Your Sneakers

Would you rock these? Shiftwear Sneakers Feature An Integrated e-Paper Screen For Infinite Customization - FITTED WITH E-PAPER SIDES, THE SHOES SEEK TO DEMOCRATIZE FOOTWEAR DESIGN.

Posted by Grow The Heck Up on Monday, December 7, 2015

Programmable Kicks: App that Changes Your Sneakers Instantly

ShiftWear Classic’s are the programmable sneakers that let you display custom designs right from your phone or tablet in seconds. The only limitation is your imagination. The shoes, designed by a company called ShiftWear, are connected to an app on the user’s smartphone which is where the user can choose exactly how the shoes look. The user can decide on a static design or even have animations shown on the sides of the shoe where the e-ink displays.

After the design is chosen, it will show up instantly on the flexible screens in the shoes, meaning that users can even change style between events if they want to. The app takes things a step further by allowing users to buy or sell their designs on a marketplace or share the designs in the ShiftWear community.

Users can purchase from a range of different ShiftWear base designs, including five different colors and the option for high-tops or low-tops. According to the company, the batteries last up to 30 days on a charge although the sneakers can also according to the company, turn kinetic energy into power, meaning the more the user walks, the less they’ll have to charge their shoes. Having said that, kinetic charges typically don’t produce much power so whether it be 30 days or 33 days, you’ll eventually have to charge your sneakers. It’s also important to note that if the sneaker is only displaying a static image, it won’t consume any power since the display is e-ink.

So your shoe can change style quicker than styles can change themselves, a seemingly popular idea considering that the Indiegogo campaign has raised more than $140,000.

Apart from the different designs, the sneakers are also machine washable and waterproof, and the soles are even coated with Kevlar.

Would you rock these?

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