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Pastor Who Suddenly Passes Away Leaves a Powerful Last Sermon

I’m in tears from sorrow and praise at the same time as I’m writing this article. Pastor Stephen Darby of Destined Ministries in Louisville, Kentucky, suddenly passed away and was laid to rest December 2017. I just finished watching his last sermon entitled, “You Are Still The Healer” (shown below).

According to his family, it was a normal day when a considerably healthy Stephen Darby went to do some work at Grace Retreat Village, a Christian retreat they’ve been developing, where he’d passed out and become unresponsive. He was taken to the hospital where he was eventually pronounced dead.

He left behind a beautiful wife and children who now have the task of running the ministry which they have stated will continue moving forward as Pastor Darby would have wanted them to. Those of us who didn’t attend his physical church learned of him and listened to his many sermons through his insightful and powerful YouTube videos and their livestreams via His sermons would rebuke you, test you, make you think, and have you praising and studying further. He fearlessly taught on uncommon topics while preaching the redemption of Christ to all who would listen. He had a seemingly small congregation with a pretty large online following and was respected through and through, known as a man of integrity and honor in Christ.

The reason for this article is simple. I wanted to share his last sermon that he spoke to the people. This message is so powerful because the Lord truly ends up giving a message through Darby that is for his family, congregation and the people, which is surely needed after his sudden passing and for long after. His message and prayers over the people are about God’s healing, Christ’s resurrection, the goal of life, knowing and trusting the Lord, and suffering with Christ so that we may live in Him.

Listen to Pastor Darby’s chilling and powerful last message to the people. Watch through to the end, consider his words and share.


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