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Pastor Carl Lentz Calls Out Race Relations in Church

Carl Lentz posted a video on Instagram along with a lengthy caption on race and the church. In the video, Lentz is preaching about race relations and rebuking those who run from the discussion of race. In the caption, Pastor Lentz highlights a chapter in his new book Own The Moment called “If you’re racist and you know it, clap your hands”. What are your thoughts about what Carl Lentz had to say?

#repost from Pastor @carllentz on RACE… He says: “The roots of racism run deep in our country and in our world. I have a chapter in my book called “if your racist and you know it, clap your hands” that has resonated with a lot of people. It’s essentially a challenge to look in the mirror FIRST. “Could I be” is a phrase that is a bridge, to change..:”could I be blind to this?” Like any sinful behavior, we typically like to distance ourselves from it and imagine that it’s “somebody else” who has that issue or worse, pretend like it doesn’t exist. In us, or around us. But if we expect to see change in our world, especially in areas like racial injustice, we have to reserve the hardest questions for ourselves. It begins with the words of the psalmist so many years ago who said “search MY heart God..” Humility shortens the distance between YOU and anybody you want to change or impact. So when I see news coming out of Libya, Im outraged. We all should be, and it has to be way more than a “hashtag or social media post”.. But I think the first place we need to start demanding change, is always “with us.” We are actively part of the solution or we are complicit in our inactivity and part of the problem. I hold out hope that as we follow Jesus, God will use us to change the future, not repeat history. Before I pray tonight that God changes the bad things in this world? Im going to pray He continues to change the bad things “in me.” #otm #occupyallstreets #tiffanyandamber oh and P.S.. OWN THE MOMENT EBOOK is available for a moment, at an awesomely reduced cost. Take advantage if you haven’t yet! #ownthediscount”

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