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October, 2017

  • 25 October

    Are Churches being the Light to the World That They Are Called to Be?


    The world is in a moral state of darkness as we can see from the peril, tragedy, and injustice that currently exists. The church is supposed to shine forth as a guide to those engulfed in darkness. When we look at the moon, we are only seeing the light that …

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  • 24 October

    Adam Ruins Everything: How the Suburbs Got So White


    Adam ruins everything, even where many people live. In this case, it’s the suburbs. Suburbia was created based on racist Jim Crow era laws and practices. Many people outside of the black community are confused as to why so many black neighborhoods and families are in the condition they are in. The …

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  • 24 October

    Is Everyone Truly a Child of God?


    Whenever you hear someone say they’re a child of God, what do you think about that statement? Some of us may be puzzled by it and wonder what it means in the first place. Not to be funny, but a childlike question would be, “How does God have babies?” People …

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  • 23 October

    Prepare Today for Your Future Income Reduction After Retirement


    The average retiree received $1,360.00 per month in 2017 from Social Security. That is $16,320.00 per year. This amount doesn’t seem like enough to survive anywhere in the United States. Company pensions have become less popular in the past ten years. That means financial security for Americans in their later …

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  • 21 October

    Exclusive: KB Talks Entrepreneurship and Eternity with GrowTheHeckup


    Recently I met up with KB near the heart of NYC to do an exclusive interview with him in anticipation of his new album release, entitled Today We Rebel! It was an incredible conversation, filled with great nuggets of wisdom and insight, as well as a surprising statement regarding album titles …

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  • 21 October

    4 Tips for Being a Better Husband


    I often evaluate how well I measure up as a husband, and several years ago I came across Exodus 19:5 which tells us that we are God’s treasured possession. The way this scripture helps me is not by applying this to myself, but to my wife. The bible says, “He …

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  • 20 October

    Rapper Mims Ditches Rap to Become Successful Tech Entrepreneur

    2017-10-20 10.40.46

    Ten years after Mims’ No. 1 single “This is Why I’m Hot,” the rapper talks to “Complex Live” about his new app, RecordGram, which he hopes will help with new artist discovery. Back in May, TechCrunch held their annual Startup Battlefield competition in New York. 19 companies did their best …

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  • 19 October

    Is It Wrong to Curse Trump?


    In light of all the drama and high emotions, it appears President Donald Trump has caused many people like rapper Eminem to become quite vocal about their negative feelings towards him. From the political arena to elementary schools, we hear people hurling insults and criticisms at Trump without shame or …

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  • 18 October

    Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah Launches Cryptocurrency Firm


    If “Floyd Crypto Mayweather” is not enough to push cryptocurrency and blockchain technology into the mainstream, then maybe Ghostface Killah might tip the scale. Not only is the hip-hop veteran invested in the space,  Ghostface has actually co-founded his own cryptocurrency firm. The firm Cream Capital is looking to raise 30 million dollars through …

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  • 17 October

    KB Releases Anthemic Single “Not Today Satan” feat. Andy Mineo

    KB - Not Today Satan

    Here goes yet another fire single from KB’s upcoming album Today We Rebel. With bold horns, the single, featuring label mate Andy Mineo, is a declaration of war against Satan himself. Listen below and find all stream and purchase links here. Catch up on coverage of the album with the following …

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