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March, 2018

  • 25 March

    Would You Eat Synthetic, Lab-Grown Meat?

    Would you eat meat grown in a lab from animal cells? Hmmm. A company called Memphis Meats is hoping you will. I saw a video on “clean meat” circulating around social media again and decided to look into it. They’re basically creating petri dish cultured animal flesh to cut out …

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  • 21 March

    SpaceX Launches Tesla Roadster Into Space

    While Elon Musk is no stranger to ambitious endeavors, his most recent undertakings are literally out of this world. Musk’s private spacecraft company, SpaceX, has already had three successful rocket launches this year alone. Current 2018 launches include two launches to place three satellites (two of which are part of SpaceX’s plan to have …

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  • 14 March

    What Black Panther Can Teach the Church About Community Outreach

    In today’s world, social awareness has been a central topic of discussion among African-American millenials. Racial injustice, inequality, and identity have all been subjects at the forefront of the conscious community. The recent debut of the Black Panther movie has inspired a plethora of dialogue about the issues within this …

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  • 13 March

    Is Life Truly Sacred and Does It Matter?

    One of the starkest contrasts between human life and every other life form is the sacredness of human life—meaning how it’s set apart from everything else in honor and value. As a believer, I believe that it is only through Christ and the word of God that sacredness has the right context, …

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  • 12 March

    How Your Increased Paycheck May Affect Your Tax Deductions

    By now, you may have noticed a slight increase in your paycheck! This is a great opportunity to ensure that you won’t have a tax liability in 2019. With the many changes that we will be seeing during the 2019 tax filing period, I implore you to check your deductions. …

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  • 8 March

    Atheist Child of Lesbian Couple Reveals the Other Side of the LGBT Rainbow

    Millie Fontana, raised an atheist, said she stands with Christians because they’ve been the only ones willing to reflect children’s issues like she had growing up, and stand up for them. Fontana, the donor-conceived daughter of a lesbian couple (that includes her biological mother), said they took something from her— …

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  • 5 March

    How to Stay God-Centered in Our Culture of Consumerism

    We live in a materialistic society where people chase money. Many spend all their lives collecting and storing it, only to die and leave it behind. Though I believe that we should be financially successful and leave an inheritance for future generations, there must also be a balance. One way …

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  • 5 March

    Video: E.D.I. Music – Fo Hunnit ft. Eshon Burgundy

    Whoz Meech and Hav Mercy of E.D.I. Music (Edifying Divinely Inspired Music) release a new banger with Eshon Burgundy titled “Fo Hunnit.”  They both have ties to the Rebel Against The World camp.  E.D.I. Music is a Christian Music Group made up of Whoz Meech, Hav Mercy and New Lyfe.  …

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February, 2018

  • 28 February

    Are You Allowing God to Fully Transform Your Heart?

    The heart of the matter is truly the matter of the heart. Matter is what something is made of. Prior to salvation our hearts are deceitful above all things and desperately wicked as Jeremiah 17:9 states. Heart in Greek is transliterated as kardia meaning: inner life, mind, will, intention, and character. …

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  • 27 February

    The Difference Between Heavenly and Demonic Wisdom

    The importance of wisdom cannot be stated enough. It’s actually one of my favorite qualities in life. Proverbs says “Wisdom cries out in the marketplace.” But there are two forms of wisdom that exist that aren’t discovered as easily by human perception. The difference between the two are found in the intent and character …

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