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March, 2016

  • 11 March

    Refrigerator Designed to be Buried Keeps Food Cold for Free


    Sometimes a new piece of technology comes along that isn’t new at all.  Everything humans manage to come up with either copies a design of God’s, or utilizes inspiration and materials He gave us from the beginning.  For example, our camera lens is inspired by the eye we look through …

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  • 10 March

    Da TRUTH & Ravi Zacharias Have an Interesting Conversation Going


    Da’ T.R.U.T.H. is on Twitter asking some interesting questions that would seemingly indicate some level of doubt he is struggling with.  Crazy part is, world renowned Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias is answering them, creating one of the more interesting Twitter exchanges I’ve seen.  Call me crazy, but this smells like a …

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  • 8 March

    What’s Stifling Your Belief in the Orchestrator of Life?


    [1Ki 18:21 ESV] And Elijah came near to all the people and said, “How long will you go limping between two different opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal, then follow him.” And the people did not answer him a word. Like many of us, the …

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  • 7 March

    NFL Quarterback Jameis Winston Gets Baptized at Retreat


    Jameis Winston just completed his NFL rookie season as the number one overall pick by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  As a Florida State Seminole, he won a Heisman trophy and a national championship, but was also in the media’s eye for off-the-field incidents including shoplifting and an alleged sexual assault. Despite his …

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  • 7 March

    Video Trailer of ABC’s Take on the Story of David

    Of Kings & Prophets

    Hollywood’s fascination with Biblical stories and the dollars they can generate has done much to bring us more than a few “faith based films” recently.  Now ABC will become the latest network to try their hand at bringing it to the small screen in a new show titled of Kings and Prophets.   …

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  • 4 March

    Evaluating Women for Godly Friendships


    In order for women to begin forming healthy relationships with one another, we will need to approach starting a friendship the same way we should approach evaluating a prospective husband. We need to: – Have a set of values by which a potential female friend will be measured by eg: …

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  • 4 March

    Royce da 5’9″ Raps About the Day he First Believed in God

    Royce - Tabernacle

    My own pre-salvation music selection featured heavy rotation of two members of the Shady Records rap super-group, Slaughterhouse.  Frankly, I still listen to both Joe Budden and Royce da 5’9″ just out of curiosity, after previously having invested myself as a fairly big fan of both.  The skilled lyricists have …

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  • 2 March

    Jennifer Garner Talks Faith and Hollywood Alongside T.D. Jakes

    Jennifer garner

    The Christian faith and the Hollywood industry certainly appear to be an odd couple in this world. So much so, that to be a Christian in the industry, you often face a harsh and lonely road in trying to maintain and present your Christ-centered convictions. In a recent press conference for …

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  • 2 March

    No Malice Takes His Powerful Testimony to ‘The Breakfast Club’

    No Malice

    No Malice, formerly Malice of infamous coke rap duo The Clipse, is currently promoting what’s sure to be an inspiring documentary about his road to salvation in Christ.  The documentary entitled The End of Malice, is being put together by the people of Second Films, a division of well know testimony …

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  • 1 March

    Eshon’s Wife Explains His Battle with Porn

    Eshon ex porn addict

    Eshon Burgundy is, by the grace of God, an ex-porn addict.  Knowing the magnitude and spiritual significance of the issue, he publicly confessed this former stronghold Satan had on his life, and now his wife wants you to hear her side of the testimony:     Also check out Eshon’s …

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