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April, 2016

  • 5 April

    Introducing a Spider Catcher That Could Save Your Life

    Critter Catcher

    This genius little device catches spiders and other intruding insects, and will be the first “as seen on tv'” item I’ve ever covered.  I can only imagine all the ways it would benefit my life. It would be good for my health to avoid the screams of my wife finding …

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  • 4 April

    Phanatik Thinks Artists Are Giving the World a Blind Taste-Test


    Phanatik, a member of the CHH pioneering group Cross Movement, recently shared some very thought-provoking comments about the topic often discussed of artists wearing the Christian label.  My interest in what he had to say drove me to reach out for more, and this is what he had to say: …

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  • 4 April

    Why There Is Joy in Fearing God


    You’re newly saved—born again and still wet behind the ears.  You’ve come to realize you’re an awful sinner. And an understanding that God loves you anyway has brought on the realization that sacrificing your life to Him is the only reasonable response.  A desire to follow Him is fueled by nothing …

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  • 4 April

    Temple of Baal Coming to a City near You

    temple of baal

    You may have heard of the soon-to-come replicas of the Temple Of Baal reported by the NY Times and Charisma News. This temple is located in present-day Syria, in the city of Palmyra, and was destroyed by ISIL (or ISIS) in 2015 but left the entrance of it behind. In the …

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  • 1 April

    Jahaziel Talks Leaving Christianity; Claps Back at Lavoisier

    Jahaziel Vine Interview

    Former Christian Rapper Jahaziel is back with a two-part interview further explaining his reasons for walking away from the Christian faith.  I’m not trying to beat a dead horse here, but I believe this is an important topic and frankly, there’s some very interesting assertions Jahaziel puts forth here. For …

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  • 1 April

    Cross Movement’s Phanatik Chimes in on “Christian” Label


    There are certain people who have respectfully earned my attention, such as anyone from Cross Movement, the group of CHH veterans who have influenced so much of what we hear today.  CM member, Phanatik took to social media to provide his reaction after reading Andy Mineo’s opinion of labeling a rapper …

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March, 2016

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