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August, 2016

  • 22 August

    Four Ways to Prevent Impulse Buying

    Excited Shopping Woman isolated on white

    Impulse buying is a problem many of us are addicted to. That’s right—an addiction. Impulse is defined as “A sudden strong and unreflective urge or desire to act.” Whether you realize it or not, impulse buying has easily become an addiction for most of America. Between subliminal advertising and the …

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  • 18 August

    God and the Fatherless Black Man


    In light of recent events in the news of blacks killing blacks, and police killing unarmed black men, many of us in the church world are quick to say “I pray that our brothers turn to the Lord.” As a Christian, this is the best advice that I have for …

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  • 16 August

    Should We Be Concerned With Music Being Secular Or Anti-Christ?

    kid listening to music

    As Christians, we are all at different levels, therefore we understand certain concepts differently. The word ‘secular’ is one word that is often misunderstood by definition. We usually see the word used as an adjective to describe music, so we say the term ‘secular’ music when we talk about music …

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  • 15 August

    The Hood Needs a Reallocation of Funds


    In African-American culture, the neighborhood (sometimes known as the “hood” or the “trap”) seems to be glorified for several reasons – some good and some bad. Let’s look at some of the issues that plague most of the ‘hoods in the U.S.: Education system is underserved and not funded properly …

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  • 11 August

    125 Amazing Uses For Coconut Oil


    (Editor’s Note: This list is LONG. I mean it’s incredibly comprehensive so stay with it. Maybe forward it along to your family. Keep it as a reference! There is good stuff here.) While traveling through Thailand, by partner and I joked about buying a coconut plantation because it seems that …

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  • 11 August

    Associate Pastor of Joel Osteen’s Church Speaks Out Against ‘Selective Humanity’

    HyperFocal: 0

    Pastor John Gray, associate pastor at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, was recently on The Breakfast Club and raised concern over the issue of ‘selective humanity’ in recent tragic events. Our nation seems to pick and choose which tragedies we empathize with and offer our humanitarian efforts to. Check out what …

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  • 9 August

    Cronzy Pen: The Pen Capable of Drawing Any Color Imaginable

    Cronzy pen

    Cronzy Inc. is changing the way artists go about picking the colors they choose to illustrate with. Currently in the funding stage, the Cronzy Pen uses its own ink cartridges to instantly grant access to a potential sixteen-million different colors to choose from using the companion smart phone app. However, even …

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  • 9 August

    Dr. Sebi Now One of over 50 Holistic Doctors Dead in One Year


    World renowned herbal healer, pathologist, and naturopathist Dr. Sebi died on August 6th after allegedly being taken into police custody for having over $30,000 cash on his person. The details surrounding his death are still unclear. We published a story on Dr. Sebi and his victory over the Attorney General in their lawsuit against …

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  • 8 August

    Korn Guitarist, Brian “Head” Welch Receives Backlash After Praying for Transgenders


    Recently, Korn’s guitarist, Brian “Head” Welch received backlash from Christians for praying for transgenders after one of his concerts. Brian co-founded Korn, the American nu metal band, in 1993. As of 2012, Korn’s albums had sold around 35 million copies worldwide; they have received two Grammy Awards and two MTV …

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  • 5 August

    The Harsh Truth About Men Who Won’t Meet Your Father


    Not only is it an old school tradition to bring the guy who is interested in you to meet your father before you engage in a relationship with him, but it’s also a Biblical one. In scripture, men were not allowed to pursue the women they wanted unless her father gave …

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