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May, 2019

  • 7 May

    There Is Opportunity to Grow When God Shows Us Who We Really Are

    Lately I’ve come face-to-face with my fallen humanity in ways that are extremely uncomfortable. God has a way of showing us who we really are and uses others around us to do it. It can be a scary thing when we display the ugly inside of us. It’s scary because …

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  • 6 May

    Why You Should Get Life Insurance Today

    Having life insurance gives your family a peace of mind that in the midst of your untimely or unexpected demise, your final expenses won’t be a burden. Raise your hand if you have seen a GoFundMe page set up to handle the final expenses for someone. GoFundMe is not a …

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  • 3 May

    What Truly Compels Men to Commit

    You have everything a man is looking for, so why aren’t men checking for you? Hey Gorgeous!  You’re an established woman, acquainted with success except when it comes to dating. You meet men who interest you, you enjoy your dates with them, and you want more…more interactions with men, more dates, …

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  • 2 May

    How One Man Spent One Week in Virtual Reality

    That’s 168 hours of sleeping, eating, and working all inside a computer-simulated world. Jak Wilmont, co-founder of the VR content studio & community, Disrupt has taken on the challenge to spend a full week living in virtual reality and documenting his experience. We’ve previously discussed briefly some of the implications of extended reality (augmented and virtual …

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April, 2019

  • 30 April

    How Poor Judgement Left Me Embarrassed

    Recently, my best friend and I met at Starbucks to do homework together.  I noticed a woman sitting at a huge table with two children and their stuff spread across it.  She had arts and crafts, St. Patrick’s Day hats and necklaces, snacks, books, computers, and grocery bags filled with …

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  • 29 April

    Hate Hoaxes and the Myth of the Rise in Hate Crimes in America

    Is white supremacy on the rise? Given the perpetual sinful nature of man, it’s absolutely possible. In the context of the end times, I suspect most things that we would call evil are increasing by some measure. In a 2006 bulletin, the FBI detailed the threat of white nationalists and …

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  • 26 April

    Ep. 014 | Japhia Life Interview | Hip-hop Artistry and Church Culture

    Hip-hop artist, Japhia Life talks to Lavoisier about growing up in church, being shunned by the Christian music scene and rejecting the Christian label on his music. Listen on Spotify

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  • 26 April

    How to Recognize a Partner From a Project

    All men have potential, but does the one pursuing you know how to convert his into progress? I’m sure in life once or twice you’ve come across the concept of potential energy. Just a quick refresher: It’s this notion in science that a thing, typically at rest, actually stores its …

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  • 23 April

    Christ Has Risen! What Does That Mean for Us?

    This past Sunday, Christians around the globe celebrated the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the reality of Christ’s resurrection never loses its wonder because of what it means. We have a tendency to diminish our physical reality in favor of a non-physical reality, and we do it in …

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  • 22 April

    Are You an Entrepreneur or a Business Owner?

    For many years, and probably even today, these two terms—entrepreneur and business owner, have been interchangeable. The truth is that the two terms are vastly different. I know that is probably abrasive to what you believe to be true, but give me a moment. An entrepreneur is defined as a …

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