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April, 2019

  • 23 April

    Christ Has Risen! What Does That Mean for Us?

    This past Sunday, Christians around the globe celebrated the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the reality of Christ’s resurrection never loses its wonder because of what it means. We have a tendency to diminish our physical reality in favor of a non-physical reality, and we do it in …

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  • 22 April

    Are You an Entrepreneur or a Business Owner?

    For many years, and probably even today, these two terms—entrepreneur and business owner, have been interchangeable. The truth is that the two terms are vastly different. I know that is probably abrasive to what you believe to be true, but give me a moment. An entrepreneur is defined as a …

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  • 19 April

    Podcast: Why My Family Won’t be Celebrating Easter

    Easter is almost here and as many families are making last-minute purchases to fill Easter baskets full of candies and gifts, I decided to share with everyone why I made the decision to stop celebrating Easter and most other holidays: How does your family celebrate holidays? Do you think that …

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  • 19 April

    Why Dating Isn’t About Marriage

    You need to take dating seriously, just not in the way you may think. Hey gorgeous! You know you want marriage for yourself, and soon. You’ve even taken my advice and made a list of the qualities you want in your future husband. Now it’s time to actually get out there, …

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  • 17 April

    Fast Food, Big Data and the Marketplace of Convenience

    What do companies like Netflix, Uber and Amazon all have in common? Among other things, these companies are market disruptors whose heavy use of technology to shorten the gap between commodity and consumer has made them leaders in their respective areas. As once emerging trends in technology become expected staples in the market, the …

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  • 15 April

    Podcast: How GTHU Senior Editor Lost 48 Lbs on the Ketogenic Diet

    I started the Ketogenic diet July 12, 2018 and have lost 48 pounds and over 38 inches of fat, including 10 inches from my abdomen. The Ketogenic diet does not require you to purchase any supplements or special foods, just whole foods that you are likely already eating. There are no …

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  • 12 April

    Why Your Degree Hasn’t Improved Your Dating Life

    Your education is not evidence that you’ll make a good date, sis. You get all the props, sis, all the props for attaining your college degree, professional certification, and just going through the process necessary in your field of hustle. I have four degrees, so I’m never going to tell another woman that …

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  • 9 April

    The Practice of Giving Thanks will Transform Your Prayer Life

    Prayer is so important for us as believers, and it’s one of the most powerful experiences we have when talking to God. It can be mysterious to us as well if we admit it, because of the many ways we engage God in prayer. I’ve written about prayer  before, but …

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  • 5 April

    GTHU Ep. 13 | Derek Hoiem of Jam The Hype Interview | Race & Payola in Christian Music

    Derek Hoiem from Jam The Hype chops it up with Lavoisier about the role of race in Christian music and how much of a role payola plays in Christian music success in radio.

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  • 5 April

    #AskABlackConservative Ep.2: Prison Reform + Black Crime w/ Vois Cornerstone

    In part two of #AskABlackConservative, Lavoisier talks to Tisha Grady of The Clear Perspective Show about prison reform and the culture of crime in hip-hop and the black community. Watch the video and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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