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March, 2019

  • 26 March

    Celebrating Five Years of the K.I.N.G. Movement’s NYC Chapter

    Last month, I had the privilege of attending the 5th anniversary celebration of the K.I.N.G. Movement’s NYC chapter! K.I.N.G. is a national Christian men’s movement with the purpose and intent of strengthening men in their relationship with God, their brotherhood with each other, and the mission they’re called to in …

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  • 25 March

    Now Is the Time to Take a Financial Inventory of These 3 Things

    Hey guys and gals, it is that time of the year again. It is time to check up on your financial life. There are three areas that you want to check in on before the end of the first quarter—March 31, 2019. Investment Portfolio Take a look at your investment …

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  • 23 March

    Bizzle Takes You on a Tour of the Fast Life in New ’22’ Video

    This is one of Bizzle’s best scripted drama music videos to date. It is based on real life experiences of his efforts to encourage people to choose a better path rather than the streets. “22” details the consequences of the cycle of living for fast money that so many are …

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  • 22 March

    GTHU Ep. 011 | Fred Towles Interview | The Financial Octagon

    In this episode, financial expert and GrowTheHeckUp contributor Fred Towles discusses his new book, The Financial Octagon, as well as the many opportunities to succeed that he says are everywhere. Don’t miss this!

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  • 22 March

    How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Progress

    This week’s tips are about making your personal development progress stick. Hey beautiful! I love, love, love seeing other women win. Every time I see one of y’all making it out here in these streets I’m ready to show out for y’all for real. That’s why if you follow my Stories on Facebook or …

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  • 20 March

    Foldable Smartphones, the Next Innovation Race in Mobile?

    Even though the base technology has been around for some time, only recently has foldable touchscreen phones been commercially available. Both Samsung and Huawei have announced plans to release foldable devices in the near future while Apple’s recent patent filings are fueling rumors of their own foldable device in the works. Even Motorola (owned by …

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  • 14 March

    Telegram Adds 3 Million Users During Facebook’s Biggest Outage Yet

    Yesterday millions were impacted by outages across three of the world’s most popular internet services: Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. While some users couldn’t access any features from these services, others only experienced an inability to use certain features like stories or direct messaging. This provided a huge unexpected number of …

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  • 12 March

    God is Good, Even When Evil Surrounds Us

    Recently, I read the book of Zephaniah after realizing I hadn’t read it in awhile. It was written by the prophet Zephaniah, where God proclaims the judgments that were coming to the nation of Israel, as well as Moab, Assyria and others. It’s a pretty short book with only three chapters, …

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  • 8 March

    Ask A Black Conservative: Racism in America Pt.1 w/ Vois Cornerstone

    I recently did an interview with @Tisha Grady of The Clear Perspective Show. She started a new segment called “Ask a Black Conservative” and asked me to be her first guest. In the first episode, she asked me to unpack one of my more provocative memes about race.   View …

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  • 6 March

    Blackberry: The Rise and Fall of an Innovator

    As a small Canadian tech startup back in 1984, Blackberry Limited (formerly known as Research In Motion) in about 15 years time, grew to an undeniably iconic $20 Billion multinational telecom giant, only to steadily decline to being worth $1.20 billion with little to no noticeable commercial presence today. From laying the foundation …

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