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January, 2017

  • 10 January

    Why Accountability is Necessary to Friendship


    If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. (Ecclesiastes 4:10) A few weeks ago I met up with a friend who I have not seen in years. Our families went to lunch and while sitting down over a …

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  • 9 January

    Choosing a Retirement Account that Best Suits You


    Did you know… According to the IRS retirement can last for 30 years or more A retiree will need up to 80% of her annual income today to retire comfortably The average benefit amount paid monthly by the Social Security Administration is $1,177 You can work the rest of your …

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  • 5 January

    Does Christian Rap Preach the Gospel?


    This article is based upon my own observations as a bible teacher, rapper, and Christian. As God continues to save more individuals from their former lifestyles devoted to sin, some who are from the urban communities have found a way to express their hearts through Christian rap. I believe that …

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  • 4 January

    Pastorship: Is a Degree or License Really Necessary to Lead?

    Preaching the Word

    Teaching is a vital aspect of life and the continuation of good morals, life lessons, and the positive influence of our youth. We have the ability to alter someone else’s life by properly educating and correctly delivering the message of Christ. A teacher’s effectiveness is only as strong as his …

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  • 3 January

    God’s Purpose for Your Emotions


    There are many aspects to the human experience. One aspect that is easy to overlook is the emotional one. It’s easy to see our emotions as something that is automatically negative, and that we must fight against them as long as we live. While our emotions can negatively influence us …

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  • 2 January

    2017 Startup Savings and Investment Plan


    Happy new year to each of you! I am sure that 2017 will present some magnificent opportunities and audacious challenges for each of us. Here is something that you can do to jump-start or boost your financial situation starting now.  This is a two-pronged approach that will help: Step 1: …

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December, 2016

  • 30 December

    The Imagination as Explained by Neuroscience and the Bible


    Our imaginations are responsible for conjuring up new ideas, creative solutions, and just about anything ingenious and innovative that can be thought of. Many times, its use is reserved for the context of either child’s play or artistic geniuses. It is the creative juice of which some have great amounts …

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  • 29 December

    This “Shake-Free” Spoon Overcomes Embarrassing Hand Tremors


    Praise God that this is one of those items the overwhelming majority of us don’t need. While most of us are thoroughly enjoying our meals, there are some who dread the socially isolating shame of trying to eat while suffering from hand tremors. This one hits home for me as …

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  • 29 December

    8 Tips for Sowing Success Despite Life’s Challenges


    Have you ever believed that you were given a slim chance of success or were dealt a bad hand in life? Maybe you weren’t raised with a mentality for how to succeed or no one ever taught you the basics and you’ve had to learn everything the hard way, from good …

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  • 28 December

    Propaganda Explains How Our Country is Repeating Racism


    Propaganda spoke passionately about race relations in a new interview with 247HH. To be honest, I almost didn’t watch or post it. I keep listening to people speak on this topic but it doesn’t feel like we’re getting anywhere with a solution. The magnitude of this multi-generational issue can leave you …

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