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April, 2017

  • 26 April

    How Satan Fools Us into Believing a Life with God Is Boring


    The world is a grand buffet arrayed in every way to appease the eyes of its onlookers. The aroma is appetizing and it lures us into its grasp with ease. We go into the world gorging ourselves day after day and scraping the plate of our pleasure, yet we return …

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  • 25 April

    Ways we can Learn the Difference Between Debates and Division


    Have you ever been in a conversation on social media or in person and it gets spirited or intense? You are explaining your views and getting pushback from someone who disagrees, which can go on for a period of time. All of a sudden, someone jumps in and calls for …

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  • 24 April

    Network Marketing Debunked!


    Network marketing is a growing sector in the United States. According to the Direct Selling Association, nearly 50% of American households are involved in the network marketing industry. The industry has received bad press over the past decade and I would like to assist in clearing the air for the …

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  • 20 April

    Selah The Corner Drops 4/20 Inspired Lead Single “Highpotenoose”

    Selah - Highpotenoose

    God Over Money’s Selah The Corner just released a timely lead single from his upcoming album. “Highpotenoose” takes an introspective look at what influences our spirit while the album art done by Raging Moses features the citizens of Denver celebrating 4/20. Get it now on iTunes or Google Play

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  • 20 April

    Sean C. Johnson Fights the Friend Zone in “Save Me” Video

    Sean C. Johnson - Save Me Video

    Team Die Daily’s soulful singer Sean C. Johnson just dropped a potential video of the year for his latest single “Save Me”. The plot finds Sean in the thick of a battle with the friend zone of a new relationship. Purchase the single here.

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  • 20 April

    Repeating Relationship Mistakes


    Jesus spoke to the woman at the well about her multiple relationships. How many relationships will we go through before we finally wake up to Christ and the glory He’s calling us to reveal in the kingdom, and be for our own future husbands? What will it take to stop having premarital …

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  • 19 April

    Motivational Speaker Mel Robbins Makes Argument that “Motivation is Garbage”

    Mel Robbins

    Melanie “Mel” Robbins is perhaps best known as a CNN commentator or author, but she is also considered a motivational speaker. Which is odd, considering that in the four minutes and change below she does everything she can to destroy the idea of motivation in an effort to help us …

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  • 18 April

    In the Era of Finding Yourself, Focus on Others Instead

    Helping Others

    Far be it from me to be dramatic, but I fear that young people with the absolute best of intentions are flirting with a potentially life-altering mistake. I just made a transition in my ministry realm from teaching college age students, to an entire youth group, and now back to college …

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  • 14 April

    Selah The Corner Releases Mini-Doc with Announcement of New Album

    Selah - mini doc high pot

    The resident punchline aficionado of God Over Money’s roster is back to satisfy patient fans. Selah The Corner has proven his deserved placement with stellar back-to-back releases of the Hoodie Season mixtapes. A few days ago Datin let the news loose, With that being said we get our first …

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  • 14 April

    Dear Vindictive Baby Mama


    For years, I have been directly affected by your vindictive ways. Allow me to give a quick rundown of my background: I am a single mother of seven children who were fathered by six different men. Only one of those men has been a part of his child’s life since she …

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