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June, 2017

  • 29 June

    10 Clear Signs He’s Just Not Into You


    There are many telltale signs that reveal when a man isn’t invested in a woman, yet when a woman has her mind made up about the guy she desires, her common sense and deadbeat detector shuts down in order to get that big flashy new toy as soon as possible! …

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  • 27 June

    America is Looking For Health Insurance Shortcuts it Won’t Find


    I’m about to write from a perspective that doesn’t talk about you, and doesn’t talk about me, but talks about “we”. You might hate your neighbor, but this country is facing issues that we will have to solve together as Americans, and underneath a million dividing lies, the truth is …

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  • 27 June

    Lecrae Releases Metro Boomin Produced Single “Hammer Time” feat. 1k Phew

    Lecrae - Hammer Time

    Reach Records’ lead man Lecrae just dropped a new single as we get another preview of what’s to come from the album he’s working on. “Hammer Time” is produced by Metro Boomin and features fellow artist 1k Phew, as both he and Lecrae come with a southern delivery over the …

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  • 27 June

    Reconcile Just Signed with RMG Amplify & Dropped a New Single

    Reconcile - RMG Amp

    Reflection Music Group announces the signing of Miami-based hip hop artist Reconcile to its RMG Amplify division, a label partnership that provides marketing support to established independent artists. The Billboard charting artist releases his song “Reckless” today on online retailers. While Reconcile has had a great rapport with co-CEOs Derek …

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  • 22 June

    The Path of Destruction Left by Deadbeat Dads


    I have never met my biological father. This was something that really bothered me as a very young man to the point that I lashed out in anger sometimes. To others, it likely appeared that I was just being mischievous for no reason, but it was actually an outward expression …

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  • 21 June

    Watch Selah The Corner’s “Memoirs of a Perfect World” Documentary

    Selah - Memoirs Doc

    Selah The Corner’s debut album is being released by God Over Money in only two days. The wordplay specialist entitled the project Memoirs of a Perfect World, and has now released an accompanying documentary by the same name where he discusses everything that went into the album all the way …

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  • 21 June

    Resisting the Need for Validation While Doing God’s Will

    1 (1)

    We’ve all been given gifts, talents, and abilities by God. When you develop your relationship with the Lord, there are also passions that develop towards issues that God has designed for you to address. Once you’re fully invested, you flesh out your ideas, create a vision, and pursue that vision. …

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  • 19 June

    Looking To Buy Your First Home? Part 1


    So you want to buy your first home?  That is awesome! Owning a home used to be a part of the American Dream.  For many, that dream is changing. Home ownership still has merit as it gives a sense of pride, stability and control—say goodbye to your landlord. This article …

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  • 17 June

    How “Back to the Future” Is Ever So Slightly a Biblical Movie


    What if I told you Back to the Future was a biblical movie? It’s probably a stretch in the traditional sense, but bear with me. My fascination with time and God’s eternal existences outside of it is well documented. What I would consider to be my signature piece on GTHU …

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  • 16 June

    Dope New Female Christian Rapper Drops Video for “Pick Em’ Up” feat. Selah The Corner

    2017-06-16 12.03.42

    If you’ve never heard of Christian female rapper a.i., then prepare to be impressed. Very few rappers command my attention in the first few seconds of spitting bars. It happens even more infrequently with female rappers (sorry ladies, just speaking my truth). But a.i. instantly became my favorite female rapper …

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