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January, 2018

  • 1 January

    Expanding Your Income: Do You Really Need Another Job?

    Many people run low on cash every month for one reason on another. Do you need a better paying job or should you pick up a second job? I don’t know. Everyone’s answer to that question will be different; however, I would like to share some options that could put …

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December, 2017

  • 27 December

    Wikipedia Co-Founder to Bring Blockchain to Online Encyclopedia Everipedia

    Dr. Larry Sanger, Co-founder of Wikipedia, has joined online encyclopedia Everipedia as their new Chief Information Officer. The move comes with the intention to place the entirety of their online knowledge base on the EOS blockchain (an Ethereum-based blockchain with a focus on making decentralized applications easy to implement and scale). Originally started …

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  • 26 December

    When Your Child Struggles in School (part 1)

    Is your child is struggling in school? Rest assured, you are not powerless and you can help your child find success. My son had several difficult phases early on in his education, and while he is still only in 4th grade, he is thriving in so many ways. There is …

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  • 25 December

    4 Ways to Live Within Your Means

    Ever feel discouraged, burned out, or frustrated with the way you are currently handling your money? If you’re living above your means and constantly worried or stressed about your money situation, I have one simple question for you: Why are you living this way? Here are some perspective changes you …

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  • 20 December

    How Free Will Powerfully Demonstrates God’s Love for Us

    Free will is one of those topics that has led to much conversation and debate among the Body of Christ as well as non-believers. The idea that an all-loving God would place His creation in the midst of tribulation, danger, and most of all, temptation, is a concept that confounds …

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  • 19 December

    The Central Role of Faith and Money in Today’s Secular Age

    In this secular driven society we live in, faith is seen as unnecessary. It is also seen as useless and irrelevant in a practical sense, since we have the power to get what we want. What many people overlook is the multiple levels of faith at play in our lives. …

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  • 18 December

    Money Funnel: A Financial Ecosystem Explained

    If you have followed any of my social media posts or articles I have written, you know that I am a big fan of investing on whatever level you are currently on.  Now that you have invested, especially for the crypto investors out there, lets begin to build your money …

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  • 14 December

    Apple iPad Pro: “What’s a Computer?”

    What’s a computer? Apple aims to make that a serious question with the next generation of iPad users. With iPad Pro + iOS 11, a post-PC world may be closer than you think. The commercial is set to the song “Go” by Louis The Child, and shows off the iPad’s …

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  • 14 December

    “All The Time” by Swoope (Video)

    Official Music Video by Swoope – All The Time. © 2017 Native No. / EMPIRE [Intro] Yeah, momma used to talked, talked to God is good Wake up, give thanks Fine wife to the left Hair cut, rent paid Why God keep blessing? He don’t ever take a L So …

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  • 14 December

    YouTube’s New Streaming Service to Launch March 2018

    Music streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music best look over their shoulders in the coming year. Again. Like a determined little engine, YouTube is reportedly setting the stage for a March 2018 launch of its newest music streaming service rumored to appear as ‘Remix’.  While focusing primarily on music …

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