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November, 2017

  • 6 November

    5 Quick Tax Savings Tips for 2017

    Many people are getting ready to walk into 2018 thinking that they will receive a huge tax refund. Unfortunately, many of those people may be surprised. I would like you to do three things before the end of this month to help with your tax situation: Increase Tax Withheld From …

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  • 2 November

    Do You Show Your Husband an Abundance of Grace?

    Grace is obviously a form of kindness because it’s often undeserved or simply extended as a courtesy. God dishes massive amounts of grace through His Son, drawing us to Him. Grace provides wiggle room to learn, opportunity to grow, and a safe place to become a better human being. I …

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  • 1 November

    Is Quantum Computing the Next Big Tech Leap?

    Let’s face it, computers have come a long way in a relatively short time.  From 30-ton slow behemoths taking up 80 or more square feet to pocket-sized 7-ounce lightning fast powerhouses resting comfortably in one hand.  For the past 60 or so years, computers have not only become smaller, but significantly …

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October, 2017

  • 31 October

    Why Schools Are Failing Our Boys

    There was a time when the color scribbled in my son’s daily school folder held my breath captive every weekday until 2:30pm. On most afternoons, I could peer into the school bus windows and see the anxiety draped across his face in a warm messy mix of fear and disappointment. …

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  • 27 October

    Watch: Bishop T.D. Jakes Talks Entrepreneurship and Politics on The Breakfast Club

    Bishop Jakes has been a huge influence on my Christian life, and in recent years, has become an incredible inspiration for me as entrepreneur and community leader. We post clips and blurbs from interviews on Instagram pretty often and this interview by far, has had the most nuggets in it. …

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  • 26 October

    Do You Know What It Means to Be Sanctified?

    There’s a word that’s pretty popular in Christian circles. It’s used to describe the new path of the believer. What is that word you ask? “Sanctified”! You may hear this word used in the context of the Christian being different from others. If not explained correctly, those outside of the …

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  • 25 October

    Watch Van Jones Discuss Why We Need to Unify Regardless of Political Parties

    Van Jones is Dope! And that’s not even because he gave me a shout-out a couple of years ago on for my work in the startup community and teaching kids how to code (non-humble brag). This was a great interview. I particularly love Van Jones’ solution-based approach to discussing …

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  • 25 October

    Are Churches being the Light to the World That They Are Called to Be?

    The world is in a moral state of darkness as we can see from the peril, tragedy, and injustice that currently exists. The church is supposed to shine forth as a guide to those engulfed in darkness. When we look at the moon, we are only seeing the light that …

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  • 24 October

    Adam Ruins Everything: How the Suburbs Got So White

    Adam ruins everything, even where many people live. In this case, it’s the suburbs. Suburbia was created based on racist Jim Crow era laws and practices. Many people outside of the black community are confused as to why so many black neighborhoods and families are in the condition they are in. The …

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  • 24 October

    Is Everyone Truly a Child of God?

    Whenever you hear someone say they’re a child of God, what do you think about that statement? Some of us may be puzzled by it and wonder what it means in the first place. Not to be funny, but a childlike question would be, “How does God have babies?” People …

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