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February, 2018

  • 28 February

    Are You Allowing God to Fully Transform Your Heart?

    The heart of the matter is truly the matter of the heart. Matter is what something is made of. Prior to salvation our hearts are deceitful above all things and desperately wicked as Jeremiah 17:9 states. Heart in Greek is transliterated as kardia meaning: inner life, mind, will, intention, and character. …

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  • 27 February

    The Difference Between Heavenly and Demonic Wisdom

    The importance of wisdom cannot be stated enough. It’s actually one of my favorite qualities in life. Proverbs says “Wisdom cries out in the marketplace.” But there are two forms of wisdom that exist that aren’t discovered as easily by human perception. The difference between the two are found in the intent and character …

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  • 26 February

    Tax Season: Beware of Emotional Spending

    This is an interesting time of the year. The new Disney movie, Black Panther, via Marvel Studios, has hit the market and is doing extraordinarily well. It is tax time and refunds should be flowing into the accounts and mailboxes of many families in the coming days. On top of …

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  • 22 February

    Are You Tied to a Narcissist?

    Narcissism is when a person believes life is all about them. They have a grandiose view of themselves but sometimes it’s hard to recognize. That sounds like all of us in these times, if you ask me, but with narcissists it’s extreme. It’s a Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde situation and …

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  • 21 February

    Messenger App Telegram May Launch Their Own Cryptocurrency

    The privacy-focused messenger, Telegram is allegedly planning to take a huge step into the cryptocurrency world with their own blockchain platform and digital currency. While no one on the Telegram team has officially confirmed or denied it, many details including a short primer and more technical whitepaper detailing the plan have been …

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  • 19 February

    Ways to Support Black-Owned Businesses

    Fredrick Douglass once said, “Who you give your money to is who you give your power to.” That being said, let’s explore some ways we all can support black business. Don’t expect a discount When a new phone or pair of sneakers comes out, we don’t question the price. We …

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  • 16 February

    Ex-Mafia Boss Quits The Mob and Follows Christ

    Michael Franzese grew up as the son of the notorious Underboss of New York’s violent and feared Colombo crime family. At his most affluent, he generated an estimated $5 to $8 million per week from legal and illegal businesses. It was a life filled with power, luxury and violence. He …

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  • 14 February

    Pastorship and the Three Homes that Must be Maintained

    As a pastor I’ve learned many valuable lessons in regard to time management, prioritizing, and attentiveness. Young Pastors often tend to focus so heavily on the upkeep of the church that they slack on two other important concerns. There are three homes that the Pastor must get in order and …

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  • 13 February

    How Our Culture Influences How We Think About Sexual Purity and Singleness

    The biggest commercial holiday for love and romance takes place tomorrow and we’ve been seeing decorations for Valentine’s Day since January! Companies are pushing us to spend money on their products for our loved ones, and while I can go in on the commercialization we commonly fall victim to, there’s …

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  • 12 February

    How to Navigate a Tumultuous Stock Market

    So the stock market is staggered and the cryptocurrency market seems to be tottering, what do you do? Do you take your money and run? Do you leave your money in and watch it rise? Or do you look as this downward spiral in both markets as an unexpected discounted …

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