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May, 2017

  • 18 May

    Daddy’s Little Girl Syndrome: Cycles of Dysfunctional Relationships

    unhappy relationship

    I grew up learning to invest in men who didn’t invest in me. I always saw their value (sometimes before they saw it in themselves), but they never seemed to actually see or honor mine. It was later in my life when I finally realized this, and it wasn’t until …

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  • 15 May

    Watch: That Spidey Life – Bruno Mars Spider-Man Parody


    This parody is fly. It’s even flyer if you saw the original Bruno Mars video, which was also dope, despite Bruno’s explicit content. In this music video parody of Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like”, Spider-Man sings a smooth pop anthem about all the stuff that makes life worth living, …

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  • 15 May

    How to Overcome Fears and Anxieties Over Finances

    stressed out woman

    Money is a big part of life.  It isn’t good or bad, but it can be used for good and evil.  As believers, we should bring honor to God in every area of our life. Surprisingly, I found this verse helps me glory to God and honor Him with my …

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  • 13 May

    GTHU Episode 01: 20 Things Rich People Do Every Day

    Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 12.49.10 PM

    Greetings saints and sinners, We’ve finally launched our new GrowTheHeckUp YouTube web series and we’ll be dropping content to our YouTube channel regularly, so make sure you SUBSCRIBE! Here it is ladies and gentlemen: 20 Things the Rich Do Every Day:

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  • 12 May

    God Over Money’s Jered Sanders Releases Free Mixtape “VerseAtility”

    Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 9.07.38 AM

    God Over Money’s Jered Sanders is setting out to prove that you indeed do not have to get ready if you stay ready. In the course of about six months, he’s not only signed a deal with Bizzle and the GOM team, but released an EP, potential album of the …

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  • 12 May

    NBA Legend Ray Allen Explains How Obsession is a Good Thing 

    Ray Allen

    I think I can say with confidence that everyone I know who is actually chasing their dreams struggles with a bit of compulsive obsession in one way or another. I’ve personally watched it take shape in a few different arenas. I know a photographer who obsesses over light to the …

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  • 11 May

    You Can Now Play Tattooed Audio Recordings Through Your Phone’s Speakers

    Skin Motion

    The four-person-team of a new startup called Skin Motion is seeking to present something unique to the world that they are describing as “tattoos brought to life”. Believe it or not, that smartphone camera in your pocket has a variety of uses beyond facilitating the estimated one million plus selfies taken every …

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  • 11 May

    Should Believers Rebuke Unbelievers’ Sins?


    I’ve begun to grow very tired of the stereotypical view of Christians from those outside of the church, that we as a collective seem to be very hypocritical much of the time. If we are honest, sometimes we can easily lose sight of our own shortcomings as we work to …

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  • 10 May

    Can Others See God Living Through You?

    Angry boy blowing steam

    The Lord is the greatest example of a good investor. From the beginning of time, He has generously sown into the human race. He prepared a perfect environment for a perfect people and Satan did his due diligence in trying to corrupt God’s people. Man’s desire for abundance and his …

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  • 9 May

    (Video) GS Grabbed the “Humble” Beat & Killed Another Freestyle

    GS - Be Humble Freestyle

    I’m Doin Jesus’ lead man GS gets an itch from time to time that he can apparently only scratch with a freestyle. With that being said, Kendrick’s “Humble” beat just became the latest victim. He and Sound Engineer Calvin “Food” Venus hopped in the studio with a camera to let us …

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