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July, 2017

  • 19 July

    Th3 Saga Battles an Opponent of the Faith, Tink Tha Demon

    As a pioneer of Christians entering the battle rap scene, Th3 Saga has already faced opponents of his faith, whether they were Muslim or even an Egyptologist worshipping Horus. So this isn’t really a new scenario, but Tink Tha Demon’s entire personal is essentially built upon evil. I don’t really …

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  • 19 July

    Do You Truly Understand What Stepping out in Faith Is?

    When we say “I’m stepping out in faith,” do we really understand what that means? This is a statement that has been used by many but is often misunderstood. We make affirmations like these when we draw from scripture, but we often overlook what it means to walk by faith and …

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  • 18 July

    Will Ray J’s Celebrity Status Help His New Green E-Bike Company Succeed?

    Celebrities using their fame and fortune to try to branch out in their life’s ventures and aspirations is nothing new. That being said, this one may surprise you—R&B singer Ray J and his business partner Billy Jones have brought a new E-Bike named the Scoot-E-Bike to the market under the brand …

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  • 18 July

    How Your Personal Decisions Now Will Impact Your Future Generations

    To live in the present is important. When you are aware of the times you’re in, it provides you an advantage that most aren’t sensitive to. The sons of Isaachar in Israel were noted for knowing the times and what to do in them. As important as that is, it’s …

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  • 17 July

    Looking to Buy Your First Home? Part 3 – The Down Payment

    Ok, now let’s go through the checklist so far: You’ve overcome the speculation and obstacles that are attached to home ownership Your credit score is at its optimal point You’ve figured out the home price that is comfortable and affordable for your family You’ve assembled (or are in the process …

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  • 14 July

    Are We Being Chemically Manipulated to Be Gay?

    Romans 1:26-27 talks about women and men leaving the natural relations with the opposite sex and turning to same-sex relations. However, what if some babies truly are “born gay”? What if it was happening through the devising and greedy actions of corporations for the sake of profits and other hidden agendas? …

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  • 13 July

    Social Club’s Fern Landed a Major Movie Role in Upcoming Film “Canal Street”

    More incredible news out of the Social Club Misfits camp, as Fernie just announced he has landed a role in an upcoming major motion picture entitled Canal Street, Although I've always made music, I always wanted to do film as well. I never knew how I would enter that …

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  • 12 July

    Battle Rap “GOAT” Daylyt Wants to Team up with Bizzle to Defeat Lil Uzi?

    In an interesting series of tweets it would seem that rap artist and battle specialist Daylyt would love to “defeat” Lil Uzi by teaming up with Christian Rapper and God Over Money founder Bizzle. If you are unfamiliar Daylyt, here’s a bio from a battle rap wiki: Widly known as …

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  • 11 July

    Loso & Street Hymns Put On Incredible Performance in Two-on-Two Rap Battle

    Say what you want, but Christians entering into the battle rap scene certainly gives us the chance to literally watch faith being witnessed on the spot. In a two-on-two battle featuring Christian lyricists Loso and Street Hymns, their female opponents decided to oppose them in a, let’s say, fairly unladylike …

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  • 10 July

    Who’s Your Master? Money or God?

    As believers, we should have a clear difference on how we view money than non-believers.  I write this article as much to myself as to you.  We should search our motives when it comes to money.  We should challenge ourselves to not conform to societies trends by transforming those trends …

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