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January, 2018

  • 18 January

    Why Knowledge Isn’t Always Beneficial to Us

    I was reading Genesis 3:22 and remembered wondering in the past why the Most High would look down on such a thing as having knowledge. Check it out: And the Lord God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach …

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  • 18 January

    Snowden’s New App Turns Old Android Phones Into Surveillance Devices

    Prominent NSA contractor turned whistleblower, Edward Snowden, has recently released a new app in collaboration with the Freedom of the Press Foundation and the Guardian Project.  The app is described as “an open source security system for journalist and human rights defenders.” The app, Haven, uses all the sensors in modern smartphones (everything from the accelerometer to the …

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  • 9 January

    When Your Child Struggles in School (part 2)

    You were crafted with your child in mind. Never forget that. You are already equipped to do this. Coming to terms with the idea that your child is genuinely struggling to keep up in school is anxiety- inducing to say the least. Since this is often unfamiliar territory for many …

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  • 8 January

    How to Prevent Financial Conflict in Marriage

    For many, financial conflict is a reason for marital fights. In my marriage I’ve found that financial issues are usually a surface problem caused by deeper issues. It’s easy to mistake finances as the true issue if you argue about them regularly. But, if the same money arguments happen constantly …

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  • 3 January

    Pastoral Role: Oversee, Not Lord over the Body of Christ

    The body of Christ is not a two-headed monster. Just as the human body has many limbs that are subject to one mind, the church is also designed in the same way. Jesus Christ is the head of the body of Christ because, indeed, it is His body and He …

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  • 2 January

    Why the New Year Should bring About Personal Reflection and Repentance

    Happy New Year everyone! Whenever we go into a new year, some of us take the opportunity to remember what took place last year and write down our goals for the new year. It is so important for us to take the time to reflect on a regular basis, and …

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  • 1 January

    Expanding Your Income: Do You Really Need Another Job?

    Many people run low on cash every month for one reason on another. Do you need a better paying job or should you pick up a second job? I don’t know. Everyone’s answer to that question will be different; however, I would like to share some options that could put …

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December, 2017

  • 27 December

    Wikipedia Co-Founder to Bring Blockchain to Online Encyclopedia Everipedia

    Dr. Larry Sanger, Co-founder of Wikipedia, has joined online encyclopedia Everipedia as their new Chief Information Officer. The move comes with the intention to place the entirety of their online knowledge base on the EOS blockchain (an Ethereum-based blockchain with a focus on making decentralized applications easy to implement and scale). Originally started …

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  • 26 December

    When Your Child Struggles in School (part 1)

    Is your child is struggling in school? Rest assured, you are not powerless and you can help your child find success. My son had several difficult phases early on in his education, and while he is still only in 4th grade, he is thriving in so many ways. There is …

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  • 25 December

    4 Ways to Live Within Your Means

    Ever feel discouraged, burned out, or frustrated with the way you are currently handling your money? If you’re living above your means and constantly worried or stressed about your money situation, I have one simple question for you: Why are you living this way? Here are some perspective changes you …

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