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October, 2017

  • 3 October

    Snoop Dogg’s New Gospel Song Features B.Slade On “Words Are Few”


    Snoop Dogg provides another track as the year 2017 begins to wind down entitled “Words are Few.” Included on the track is former Christian artist B.Slade. The song is 7-minutes plus and provides a laid-back vibe with Snoop singing his flow. Don’t worry, Snoop holds his own and makes this …

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  • 3 October

    Teaching Your Children How to Rise Above Stereotypes

    group of happy college students looking back

    My husband and I recently enjoyed a breezy outdoor dinner at a local café with our three kids and found ourselves having to teach an unexpected lesson. In what has become our normal everyday fashion, we also found ourselves the single black family in a middle-class white restaurant. No biggie. …

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  • 2 October

    Teaching Children the Right Path to Success and True Happiness


    We seem to focus a lot of attention on achieving success. Some of the ways we seek success is by getting a good job; starting a business, saving up money, buying a nice house and other possessions. But there is a difference between success and happiness. With that in mind here …

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September, 2017

  • 28 September

    How Should We Really Be Praying for our Rulers?


    In our current sociopolitical climate in America there is one debate in church circles that is of great interest and importance, and that is the idea of praying for our political leaders. Should this be up for debate? Yes! I definitely believe that we are told to pray for rulers, …

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  • 27 September

    Bizzle Peels Back the Curtain on Family Life in “From the Outside” Video

    Bizzle From The Outside

    As a standout song on Bizzle’s latest album Crowns and Crosses, “From the Outside” is a transparent look inside the realities of leading a family. In a culture where social media is literally having psychological effects on individuals who become depressed by constantly comparing themselves to fake presentations of those …

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  • 27 September

    Are We Over Complicating the Preaching of the Gospel?


    What can be added to perfection? Imagine taking a sharpie and attempting to enhance the famous painting of Mona Lisa. Your efforts would most likely deface such a wonderful painting more than improve it. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is complete and perfect, yet in our efforts to win souls …

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  • 26 September

    Wisdom Is All Around Us but Do We Take Heed to It?


    There’s a verse in Proverbs that continues to catch my attention that I didn’t really notice much before: Wisdom cries aloud in the street, in the markets she raises her voice; at the head of the noisy streets she cries out;     at the entrance of the city gates she speaks: “How long, …

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  • 25 September

    Eshon Burgundy Drops Video for Lead Single “Nothing Above You”

    Eshon - Nothing Above You

    Eshon Burgundy is in my top 5 dead or alive. When I say that, the typical response is that it’s because he’s a Christian, as though music containing content which serves as medicine for my soul is something I’m supposed to overlook. They bring up the lyricism of (insert mainstream …

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  • 25 September

    How Can I Pay My Mortgage Off Earlier?


    I am sure you have heard talk of people paying their mortgages off in record time and payed far less interest than you agreed to. Do you think you can do that? I know you can! I am going to share two ways that will help you pay your mortgage off …

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  • 22 September

    Why I Didn’t Marry for Love


      I have a confession y’all…and this confession is going to rock some of y’all’s minds and roll some heads. Ready for it? Of course you are! In fact, your teacup is probably already out by now! So here goes — I didn’t marry my husband because I love him. …

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