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Nucci Reyo Releases “The Music Factor” Documentary Analyzing Hip-Hop’s Affect on Young People

Poverty and violence are barriers to successful education in youth—we talk to our children about not using drugs, staying away from gangs and violence, and abstaining from sex but have we considered the music factor? Music is the most influential vehicle of learning for this generation; hip-hop, being at the top of the preferred genre. 90% of hip-hop music listened to by children ages 5-18 is programming messages of violence, drug use, and sex into their thinking. Sadly, they don’t have the thinking or reasoning capacity to reject such messages and inevitably will act out on or adopt the perspective of said messages. We wouldn’t sit a child down to watch and enjoy a porn video for hours because it would drive a message of sex. The same has to be considered when it comes to music.

The Music Factor is about uniting youth, parents, teachers, educators, communities, and the church for the purpose of combating future devastation to youth by minimizing violence and poor life choices.

We want children to enjoy the fruit of adolescence and education. But today’s music messages work against tomorrow’s successes for young people. We can help awaken them to an alternative choice when it comes to listening to negative hip-hop music.

The Music Factor Tour will kick off in September 2017 in the Union County School District. The one hour assembly will be attended by students who will watch a 20 minute intro of The Music Factor documentary, which will be followed by a 30 minute “talk back” Q&A facilitated by Nucci Reyo. Students and educators will be directed to the website and social media sites to watch the entire documentary and stay connected to the movement.

Nucci Reyo is an accomplished recording artist and hip-hop historian. Nucci brings a rare insight into the agendas of the music industry to parents and educators. As a minister of music, Nucci also simplifies the complex association of music, the brain, learning, and behavioral effects.

Please consider booking hip-hop recording artist Nucci Reyo speaking on The Music Factor for your next event, conference, meeting or group gathering.

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