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No Malice Exposes “Fake News” with Lead Single of New Album

It’d be easy to love this brother if all you watched were his interviews and the End of Malice documentary, but can we take a moment to get back to the music finally?! His second full length LP since departing from the Clipse will be released this summer, entitled Let The Dead Bury The Dead. Stay tuned for more details but for now you can hear the lead single “Fake News” as he attempts to expose the lies that are often told within hip-hop culture when people try to be something they aren’t.

I often wonder if young fans appreciate his music. This song sounds nothing like what’s trending in hip-hop today. It sounds like a Clipse song, and I love it. Whether or not you appreciate the sound of it, if you’re a lyric head, you should, at bare minimum, show respect for it. Here’s some proof to listen for:

Ain’t that the truth, I’m so sojourner /

Nat Turner. Not Timmy. I always kept a burner /

Seems within your verses y’all get away with murder /

You’re killing me, am I’m I the only one feeling me? /

If so, I rap to myself like it’s a soliloquy /”

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