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Modesty Is A Gift: A Sincere Message to Women from Men (Video)

It isn’t often we hear from men pleading to women to dress modestly. In fact, it isn’t common to hear messages on modesty, period. But when these messages hit the ‘net, oh boy, watch out.

There is this new movement I have noticed where everyone wants to relieve women of their responsibility to dress modestly and to not contribute to the epidemic issue of lust in our culture. The Bible explicitly tells women to dress modestly in 1 Timothy 2:9:

And I want women to be modest in their appearance. They should wear decent and appropriate clothing and not draw attention to themselves by the way they fix their hair or by wearing gold or pearls or expensive clothes.

Some (or many) likely believe this verse is extreme because it instructs us to not wear anything that would draw attention to ourselves, including how we wear our hair. The majority of us, including myself, do not abide by this. We are concerned with covering our faces with makeup and spend a good chunk of change at the salon to change our hair color or get the newest hairstyle. We clothe and adorn our bodies in the latest fashions. This is a whole separate topic but I believe it is relevant to dressing modestly because modesty is more than just the clothes we wear. It is how we carry ourselves and the motive behind why we do the things we do. Modesty is about not adorning our bodies in a way to draw attention to ourselves.

I used to dress and carry myself seductively. I’ve shared with you how I used to seek attention and validation from men through selfies that I would post on social media in Thirst Traps: The Root of Social Media Narcissism and the alarming trend of Christian women gaining mass followings by speaking out against modesty teachings in Thirst Traps: Christian Women on Social Media. This is scary, guys.

Women do have a responsibility to cover their bodies and not carry themselves in a way meant to seduce or allure men. Can you be immodest even when your body is covered? Absolutely! I see Christian women all the time who cover their flesh but are very coy. Coy: “(especially with reference to a woman) making a pretense of shyness or modesty that is intended to be alluring.”

Some of the men from Expastors put together a video explaining to women how their immodesty affected them but at the same time, they were fully accountable to their own responsibilities to not lust after women and to resist temptation. I love their ending statement, “Your modesty is a gift to me.” Unfortunately, their message was not well received, judging by some of the comments left under the video on their website. Not very surprising, considering the lack of personal accountability that runs rampant in current Christian culture—specifically by women relating to how they dress.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments below:


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