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Man is Healed While Teaching God Doesn’t Always Heal (Video)

Some of you may know that I’ve dealt with some health issues recently. I’m quite sure as I write this that some of you are going through similar situations, so I wanted to share the video below simply because it warmed my soul until my eyes were wet.

My heart condition fostered a very skeptical attitude of my upbringing. An attitude that led me to disbelieve in God until He dramatically got my attention at the age of 26. I love Him and strive daily to know Him better, but when I wound up in a hospital bed again for the first time since salvation, I faced some tough questions and struggled mentally.

  • Why is God allowing this?
  • If I ask Him to, He’ll heal me, right?
  • Is faith in God knowing He can heal me, or will heal me?
  • Is my trust in doctors a lack of faith and trust in God?

I wrestled nonstop with these for days. I wasn’t losing my faith, but all of a sudden I had to very practically apply it to real life, and I struggled. Thanks be to God, I’m also very familiar with the parts of the Bible that explain how trials should be blessings regardless of how much they suck at the moment. Honestly, I can now smile in the face of a struggle because I know it means that God is still with me. The pain is always worth the results of the refinement it puts you through.

So imagine being a preacher whose vocal chords get so damaged that you can’t preach anymore. That’s what happened to Duane Miller, and I can’t help but wonder if he wrestled with those questions as well while patiently waiting to see what God would do. Watch the video—you need to see, or rather hear what God did:


I want to thank my compadre here at GTHU, Frederick Towles, for sharing this video. Find out more about Pastor Duane Miller’s ministry at

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