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Life Ain’t Gonna Be Easy Just Because You’re Serving God

What has your life path looked like since the day you truly repented? I find that the idea of repentance that is marketed to the world by modern church culture in the Western Hemisphere can sometimes leave a false impression of everything coming together and being okay because you made a decision to get yourself right with your Creator. I’m not even under the impression that this is always done intentionally, but the danger that can come with so many different voices teaching different ideas and having a different idea of what a godly life looks like can leave new believers disheartened.

Let me give an example: if you are a young man who lived a life of fornication and had three children with three different women by the time you were 25 and eventually convinced that you needed to change the way you live, how does that affect your short-term and long-term view on this walk in the Lord?

Let’s say that the reason you have these children with different women is because you weren’t able to be committed to their mothers in a meaningful relationship, but the sexual escapades lead to pregnancies and because of this, each woman felt betrayed when she saw you start a new relationship and got the next woman pregnant. Did that cause a lot of turmoil over the years? Did you find yourself in scenarios where you felt the women used the children against you as pawns out of spite for you no longer being with them?

Do they claim to hate your guts and demand that you give more in child support and time spent with these children? I know this may be an extreme example, but look at the point that I’m trying to make here. Now that you’ve made the decision to become a follower of Christ and are a year into this experience with God and have told all of your children’s mothers that you are a new man, do they believe you?

Now you are into your second full year of walking with the Lord; you are dating the first woman in your life who you haven’t had sex with and are looking forward to marrying her. Do those baby mamas now have a new respect and change of heart for where you are in your life? Do you no longer have to pay the high child support bill that you were backed up on for years? Whatever the answer may be for you in this highly embellished example of mine, the point is that you have done a lot of wickedness and it will continue to follow you even after you have made the claim that you are a new person.

The length these issues can drag along before there is some light at the end of the tunnel may depend on how bad it was in the first place. I pray that for all of those who have been in this walk for several years and for those who are new to the faith, that your daily prayer is that the father of Heaven guide you in the fruits of the spirit constantly so that you may endure through the trials which are guaranteed to test the “new you”.

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About Zaydok The Godhop MC

Zaydok the Godhop MC is a Christian rap artist, community activist, Bible teacher and motivational speaker from Buffalo New York. Zaydok aims to be a voice for the gospel in the streets, the pulpit and in the recording studio, seeking to bring the influence of God's word through rap music and support and unify with Christian artists. He is co-founder of the ICU, a quarterly Christian hip-hop event in western New York that introduces and showcases national and regional Christian rap talent to the church and community. Zaydok is also an assistant Bible teacher in his home church and is dedicated to the love of his family and community

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