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LG’s New Ultra HD TV Is Wallpaper-Thin

Earlier this year LG released its “Signature OLED TV W”  and just like how most tech progresses, this TV is much thinner and lighter than its predecessors. So thin and light, in fact, that it easily bends like wallpaper and can only be attached to a wall via a magnetic wall mount.


The speakers, ports, power cord and all the others components that are typically a part of the TV are all located in an accompanying sound bar of sorts that connects to the display via a flat cord.

OLED Wallpaper TV soundbar

A typical LCD/LED television requires an appropriate type of screen along with a separate light source (backlight) to create the image (transmissive: the screen is illuminated by a light from behind). OLED TV (Organic light-emitting diode) screens are unique because the material that makes up the screen can emit its own light when an electric current is run across it. This is why the screen is so thin (under 4mm thin). No backlight required. The screen is its own light source (emissive).



This stunning screen was made possible by research dating as far back as the 1950s. With the first practical OLED  device being developed at Kodak in 1987. Similar tech knows as AMOLED (active-matrix Organic light-emitting diode) has been used in a number of smartphones since 2008 with advantages including lower power consumption and allowing for thinner device design. LG has been teasing at this type of display since 2015 with only prototypes and “proof of concept” displays seen publicly. This will be their first commercial offering of the almost paper-thin display.

But at LG’s cheapest suggested price of almost $8,000, this television is still not a practical buy for most. Improving manufacturing cost and efficiency, as well marketplace competition could very well drive the price down sooner than later. Is this something you’d be interested in? Is the unique design worth the hefty price tag?


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