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Lessons We Should Learn from Hollywood’s Sexual Predation Fallout

It’s been an intense season of exposure of some of the most powerful men in the entertainment and political sphere. Story after story of sexual harassment and predatory behavior towards women and men have surfaced in the past few weeks—so much so that it’s hard to comprehend. I’m aware of how easy it is to keep secrets and how easy you can silence others when you have the advantage, but it still hits hard when things come out like this.

One of the many thoughts that came to mind for me is that we will stand before God one day and that is the moment when God reveals all secrets. It’s a moment that is intensely sobering for me.

For God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing, whether good or evil. Ecclesiastes 12:14

Whenever we see the exposure of evil on such a large-scale, it is a reminder of what is to come at the appointed time. It is also an opportunity for industry reform in the present, and confirmation that we should never be too comfortable with this world’s spheres of entertainment and politics.

This world is where we live, not who we are in character. Therefore, we should be aware of how individuals in power can manipulate that power and try to get away with it. We are reminded in these times that in a culture where integrity and sexual purity aren’t valued as much, with an entertainment scene that celebrates immorality, that there are people in power who go even further than this to hurt people.

This awareness also includes areas where we wouldn’t expect that we needed to be aware of. Someone can have the authority and power to get what they want and be in our churches, the Christian music industry, schools, etc. The exposure that we’re seeing now in politics and Hollywood may be expected by some of us, but it’s harder to look out for in places where integrity and honor is expected because of our faith. Some individuals use God as a cover for their predatory practices and are able to cover them up in case they get exposed.

It is easy to manipulate a situation when the victim is unable to use his or her voice to speak on the ways they’ve been violated. Tragically, we’ve learned through the years that even leaders who were considered godly used their influence and power to do wicked deeds. I hope and pray that we are a people who are sober-minded, willing to expose darkness wherever it is found, and are here to protect those who are victims. May every person affected receive the healing they need, and not be hindered in life because they were victimized by someone in power.

In this season, I’m soberly reminded that since God has exposed much of what’s happening in society as a whole, that it can also occur in our churches and other places of influence in the future. What is kept in the dark will never stay in the dark. May this season be a sad yet real reminder of this.

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