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Lecrae on ‘The Shack’ Soundtrack and Dealing with the Controversial Movie

There’s been a recent song release for The Shack movie soundtrack, made by Lecrae and featuring singer Breyan Isaac, called “The River Of Jordan.” The track hasn’t been controversial. It’s really good, actually, but the movie that this soundtrack is for has been a lightning rod of controversy. The movie itself, which releases in theaters on March 3rd, is an adaptation from the book that was originally released ten years ago.

I haven’t read the book because I also was very concerned with the content in it, which has been heavily addressed throughout the years. Things like God being depicted as a women, which I addressed when Cee-Lo stated this in a song last year. In 2010, Tim Keller wrote about the book giving his impressions, as well as an important admonition. Here is a portion of it:

Someone may counter (as Young seems to do, on p.192) that because of Jesus, God is now only a God of love, making all talk of holiness, wrath, and law obsolete. But when John, one of Jesus’ closest friends, long after the crucifixion sees the risen Christ in person on the isle of Patmos, John ‘fell at his feet as dead.’ (Rev.1:17.) The Shack effectively deconstructs the holiness and transcendence of God. It is simply not there. In its place is unconditional love, period. The God of The Shack has none of the balance and complexity of the Biblical God. Half a God is not God at all.

Although there’s been much comfort that people received due to how the novel reportedly addresses suffering, it’s important to be aware of what we read. This is not to discourage anyone who’s read it, or to stop you from reading it, but to give needed clarity on it.

I appreciate Lecrae showing the struggles of life and turning to Christ in repentance, especially since there are those who believe he doesn’t care about that anymore. What do you think about the song? Are you going to see the movie and have you read the book? Tell us how you feel in the comments below!

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