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Kyle’s Gifts from Heaven: Keeping Children Connected to their Lost Parents

Around the holidays, birthdays, graduations and other special occasions, it can be especially difficult for children who have lost their parents prematurely. There’s no way to fill the shoes of those they have lost. However, there are others who care to show these children they are still genuinely thought of in spite of such tragedy.

Get Fokus’d Productions has produced this touching and powerful new campaign for Kyle’s Gifts From Heaven, an organization that provides gifts to those children (and even a few adults) who have lost their parents during their adolescent years. People give financially to the organization in order to provide gifts in the names of the children’s parents as a way of helping to keep a connection to their lost parent(s).

Currently Kyle’s Gifts From Heaven is raising $10,000 for their December 17th event and you can get in on the blessing! Businesses and individuals are encouraged to give. You can visit They also provide gifts for other special occasions in life that would otherwise be celebrated with the recipient’s parents.

Please watch the powerful and touching story behind what sparked the creation of Kyle’s Gifts From Heaven and we hope you will consider partnering with them for such heartwarming occasions.

To contact Get Fokus’d Productions for any of your campaign needs, go to

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