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Japan Hopes to Open 2020 Olympics With Multi-Million Dollar Man-Made Meteor Shower

Perhaps the most interesting Olympic game is the one played before any athlete has even had the chance to break a sweat.  The opening ceremony has quickly become a perpetual opportunity for the host country to outdo every other host country before them with the most over-the-top display imaginable.

The 2008 games in Beijing opened with a four-hour tribute to all things Chinese.  It included over 2,000 illuminated drums being hammered away at, and enough fireworks to make you forget it was nighttime.Li Ning  Of course everything climaxes to the conclusion of lighting the torch.  Six-time gymnastic medalist from the 1984 games, Li Ning was suspended by cables at the top of the stadium where he ran a dramatic, slow-motion lap in mid-air.  The bar had officially been set higher than ever before.

So for 2020, Japan is thinking outside of the box, or more appropriately, outside of the atmosphere.  Startup company Star-ALE is planning to launch a micro-satellite into orbit loaded with thousands of combustible pellets that will burn different colors when launched back into the atmosphere.  And get this, each pellet costs over $8,000 to manufacture.  They will burn at approximately 35-50 miles above earth, which will potentially give this cosmic fireworks show an audience of around thirty-million people.  Here is a diagram of the different elements the pellets can consist of, and their corresponding colors:

Skycanvas colors

The following video is a computer-generated rendering of how they anticipate this working.  I don’t particularly know why, but I have a feeling it will actually work, just not as well as everyone is hoping it will. Let me know in the comments if you think they will actually pull this off, and if they are taking this a bit too far.


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