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Is Everyone Truly a Child of God?

Whenever you hear someone say they’re a child of God, what do you think about that statement? Some of us may be puzzled by it and wonder what it means in the first place. Not to be funny, but a childlike question would be, “How does God have babies?”

People don’t say this statement because they believe God had sex to make them, but what does it really mean? We often hear that we all are children of God and many of us draw great comfort in that. The thought process is that we were created by God so we’re ultimately His children.

As much as people mean well when they say everyone is a child of God, the reality is that not everyone is in fact a child of God. I can go straight to the Bible first, but I want to approach this naturally on principle right now. To be a child of someone you have to bear resemblance to your father and mother. Whether it is by visual appearance or at the core of one’s DNA, you can tell who the parents are by what you see in the child.


Not every child knows who their parents are, so I can stretch this to say that human beings produce children who are human beings. The nature of humanity can be seen in a child when you look at them. Human parents won’t produce fish children, and their children won’t produce snakes as children. Human nature reproduces after itself.

What is true in the natural is true in the spiritual, as well. The reason we can’t call everybody a child of God is because not everyone is born again. To be a child of God you must be made into a new creation, and this only happens when you receive salvation in Christ. Jesus Himself summed up how people are given the right to be children of God in John 1:12,

But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, those who believe in His name John 1:12 (NKJV)

As children of God, our desire and purpose is to imitate our Father in heaven by the way that we live. We don’t do it to earn God’s favor, but we do it in response to His grace and as a result of our transformation in Him. But you may say, “Does that mean we don’t come from God?” Of course not. We are all marvelous creations of God and we bear His image. Even though we all are image bearers and are created by God, only those who receive Christ are given the right to be called His children.

Family is one of the most important things to God, and it is His will to build His own family from mankind through His Son Jesus. All who believe in Christ are supernaturally connected together, which should change the way we interact with the body of Christ.

Have you received Christ and the truth He personifies and has revealed to humanity? Then, as His children, may your life be a reflection of the Father who adopted you into His wonderful family!

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