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Is Assuming the Motives of Others Killing CHH?

Yesterday, Rapzilla published an article highlighting some insight Andy Mineo shared on a Columbia University panel discussion of Christians in the world of art.  If you follow Andy, then you probably have an idea what he had to say about the topic.  And if you follow Rapzilla, then you probably understand that they posted it because they seem to agree with him more often than not.

So I can only imagine the surprise they felt when Andy himself tweeted a response to it showing his disapproval of the headline they chose, despite the fact that it paraphrased his own words.

Andy responds to zilla

I personally don’t believe Rapzilla posted this to stir division, but the point is that none of us know what led them to post it.  If they used your words, then where’s your accountability in the situation?  What’s odd to me is that an artist who seems to be regularly frustrated any time someone tries to judge his motivations, passed judgement on Rapzilla’s motivations as though he knew for sure they posted this to “stir division” and “drive traffic”.  Frankly, the CHH community is crippled by people constantly jumping to conclusions to why anyone does anything.  God will use who He wants to use.  He will use different people in a variety of ways.  Trust Him.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t discern under the Holy Spirit’s guidance when someone is wrong and attempt to correct them, although obviously online comment sections aren’t an effective medium for that, but I am saying that judging what we can’t possibly know is wrong.  I believe that when we arrogantly assume we know the motivation of someone’s heart, we attempt to step in God’s shoes by doing so.

Phillipians 1:18 “But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice.

As a blogger, if nobody is clicking on my posts, then I’m going to stop blogging.  If nobody buys a rapper’s album, they should probably stop rapping.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean that clicks or sales are what’s motivating either.  Click BaitYes, I want to come up with intriguing headlines in the same way an artist wants an intriguing album cover and title.  That’s part of it!  But it’s only a small detail related to a much larger motivation to promote information I believe can edify believers or help point others to God.  Of course headlines don’t tell the whole story—they’re only one piece of the total information.

Perhaps the bigger problem is the incredibly large number of people unable to resist voicing their opinion before they even click past a headline.

I’m not perfect.  In fact, just last week I screwed this up and found myself personally apologizing to an artist.  The whole experience was actually very good for my soul.  I physically felt the peace of Christ come over me after apologizing, and I know he appreciated it as well.  Let’s let the world know we belong to Christ by the love we show one another.

Sometimes we have to agree to disagree.  On more than one occasion, the apostles argued over something Jesus said right after he said it.  I wish fans who disagree with an artist, would spend less time tearing down that artist and more time promoting the ones they do vibe with.  Can you imagine what that would do to reach others with God-driven music?  If you don’t like a certain website, don’t wait until they ban you from their comment section to go promote what a different one is doing.  And as artists, if certain fans don’t agree with you, love them anyway and let God use your music to edify who He wants it to.  God made each of us uniquely on purpose, and it would seem to me that agreeing to disagree in many of these instances would be the key to unlock the love He commanded.

Be blessed.

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