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In the Workplace, Age Discrimination Starts At Age 35

If you are in your thirties or about to be, then these two quick videos may interest you, specifically if you are still in the job market or struggling to get your business off the ground.

In my small business journey while getting my passive income system in place, I’ve considered going back into the workforce for extra earnings to help me more quickly meet my long-term financial goals.

Reality struck and challenged me when I heard the woman in the video below mention that people face age discrimination starting at age 35 beginning with their resumes. I’m 37! I still consider myself to be youthful so this was a blow to my ego! My mother is in her 60’s, still in the workforce, and I’ve seen her woes from age discrimination and a competitive market. It’s real! Companies like to hire younger folks regardless of experience and wisdom of the older. To make matters worse, according to the New York Federal Reserve, earnings begin to decrease by age 45 and it’s women who are most affected.

What’s my point here? My point is that you must seek God and find your gifts that will make room for you and be the authority in it that enables you to move about successfully, freely and strategically to the glory of God. You can’t be fearful of what the world’s work climate is. It can’t be trusted. You have to know how to invest your time, money, network and gifts. Work to set up a system in your life that gives you consistent passive income you can retire with or gives you security in case of hard times or disasters. Ecclesiastes 11:2 instructs,

“Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight; you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.”

Does this scripture necessarily mean create 8 businesses? Not necessarily. Rather seven or eight methods of return on your investments.

Another woman in these videos and author of Fifty-five, Unemployed and Faking Normal, Elizabeth White showed how she’d basically taken a chunk of her money and nestled all of her eggs into one basket, and they all cracked. She’d come to realize that she had to narrow down what was most important to her.

I truly believe that many of us waste years cultivating ourselves for others but don’t cultivate ourselves into being what we need in order to sustain ourselves after other companies have used us up! Many of us don’t know what God would have us to do outside of what we have been and done for others. The more we invest in who we truly are and what we truly are meant for, the more we will find and operate in our gifts that will make room for us and God will use to financially stabilize us.

My hope as you watch this two-part PBS special is that you be encouraged to do more than just make ends meet. Consider how you save, spend and invest yourself, your time and your money. My hope is that you will be motivated to do better today, that you can laugh at the future like the virtuous Proverbs 31 woman. Surely she had many wise investments and it was clear that her joy in the Lord fueled her.

The second video below points out how depression and anxiety rise in older age due to the financial pressures and work, ultimately shortening people’s life spans. Jesus said in Matthew 6 to fear not over such things because your heavenly Father already knows your needs. He teaches to seek after the will of God. Learn from His Holy Spirit instead of fearing because He said worrying doesn’t add to you at all.

God shows in His word how He constantly wants to add to our lives and mature us that we may walk in victory and overcome these times.

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