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Humble Beast Reintroduces Themselves Officially as a Nonprofit Organization

Simply put, this is what happens when you take incredibly creative people and allow them to have creative freedom beyond the art and within business strategy, as well. There is absolutely no doubt that as long as money exists, Christians will struggle with how to focus their lives on serving God while also surviving and providing for their families. It’s one of those situations that makes you realize why faith is required. We could never pull it off without His guidance.

Within the realm of music, it often takes on a whole new meaning given the fact that an actual product is being generated and sold. I, for one, think it is absurd to expect one particular strategy to be correct for everyone, but Humble Beast is certainly blazing a trail and providing an incredible example. Their commitment of generosity through free music seems unbreakable despite the fact that I’m sure it has been extremely difficult at times.

With that being said, they just announced a major move involving being legally recognized as a nonprofit organization, in hopes that they can continue on that path. Watch below and be inspired:



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