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How to Rise Up, and Have No Fear

… Rise, and have no fear. [Mat 17:7 ESV]

Fear in Greek is phobéō, (fob-eh’-o); which means to frighten, to be alarmed, or afraid. As you may have guessed, this is where we get the word phobia (irrational fear or horror). One cannot help but think, why does God want us to refrain from being afraid? Isn’t it normal to be afraid of somethings in life? Dr. Gail Gross, who wrote the article “The Psychology of Fear” describes fear from a psychological perspective:

“Fear is a survival tactic that is built into our species. You are all familiar with the fight or flight syndrome, and that is where your fear originates. In the early days of mankind, the human body’s fight or flight syndrome was meant to protect you from the dangers in your environment. Today, however, your fears often center around emotions rather than physical dangers… although your body does not know how to distinguish between the two.”

Fear was never designed to bind or enslave you. It was designed to enable you. Dr. Jeffery A. Williams, instructor of Udemy’s “Achieve Your Dreams: Master the 5 Mindsets of Success”, said “Fear needs to be your motivation”. As unconventional as it may sound, when fear is at the door, don’t allow it intimidate you, let it cause you to strive. Let your fear cause you to NOT allow poverty sneak in your house. Let your motivation be to NOT allow another man or woman raise your child. Let your fear of being fired cause you to be a diligent worker. No longer should your fear restrict your mind or build self-doubt, but now let it empower you. Fear Not! The prophet, Jeremiah wrote, “for the LORD is with me like a mighty warrior” [Jeremiah 20:11]. God is with us as well, and He is the King of glory, strong and mighty in battle [Psalm 24:8]. When fear knocks on the door, answer boldly and confidently in faith. Turn the tables on your fears.

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About Raymond Mills

Raymond Mills, Sr. is a Master of Divinity candidate at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Boston, MA. He believes in bringing hope to the fatherless generation and encouragement to those that have lost hope with the word of God. He is a writer for Grow The Heck Up. His blog, Living A Renewed Life, was created to show others your best is yet to come and it is never too late to turn the page. Raymond also serves as a Minister and mentor to other young adults at his home church in Providence, RI. Raymond is married to his best friend, who has blessed him with two beloved children.

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