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How to Recognize a Partner From a Project

All men have potential, but does the one pursuing you know how to convert his into progress?

I’m sure in life once or twice you’ve come across the concept of potential energy. Just a quick refresher: It’s this notion in science that a thing, typically at rest, actually stores its energy within itself until the energy is used by putting the object in motion. In motion, it doesn’t just have potential energy, but kinetic energy, too. These are two complementary energy types that I encourage you to look into after this. It’s pretty dope to know that all things have potential energy, and that potential is quantifiable–or at the very least, for the purposes of dating, we’re able to assess it. So what’s the cut off for dating potential…marriage potential? What determines if a man is a potential partner or a possible project…?

Evaluating men for their potential may have tripped you up in the past, but now you’ve got the game and you know how to play, Sis! You’ll never settle for a build-a-man project again.

I’d love to hear from you. Hit me up in the comments with your thoughts on men and their potential.

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