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How to Motivate Yourself to Achieve Your Goals

It’s not easy to commit to life-long learning. That’s why the most important aspect of self-development is actually the reasoning behind it.

Hey beautiful!

You have certain goals for yourself such as:

  • A more flourishing social life
  • A healthier diet or a certain weight
  • Another stream of income
  • More control over your mind
  • A deeper connection to your divine femininity

Go ahead, sis! You’re already making better moves for a better life and I’m all the way here for it when it’s for the right reasons. Have you asked yourself why you want to achieve these goals? Do you know whether you’re working on yourself because you want to or because you want some external source to reward you?

No matter how much you matter to the people around you, you have to matter to yourself and you have to matter to yourself the most. It doesn’t matter that your parents want you to go to college and enter a certain career field if you already know your purpose lies in a different specialty. It doesn’t matter if one of your seniors at work doesn’t want to take you under their wing if you already know the value of mentorship and you’re proactive about finding it for yourself elsewhere.

It doesn’t matter if your friends want you to go out more if you already care to explore your interests and create belonging outside of the same constant connections. It doesn’t matter whether or not a date asks you what you’ve been reading lately if you already love feeding your brain so that you better understand the world around you.

Sis, basically, if you know your healthy habits aren’t rooted in healthy reasoning rephrase your objectives so that the benefits and negative consequences rest with you first, then the people in your life. The hardest part is putting in the work when your means of inspiration is you and you are tired of being inspired. But it’s also the easiest way to find your motivation again!

When you want every day to be cheat-day or you’re contemplating caving to social expectations for your life, remind yourself that you’re in this be your best self! You are the prize, sis, not accolades from men or anyone else.

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