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How to Improve Yourself to Improve Your Inner Circle

As women of faith, it is essential to build a healthy network of purpose-driven, God-fearing, freedom-living people when we begin to make moves to walk in our worth. Why? Because there are people who will say they have our backs, but they’re actually just holding us back.

Hey beautiful!

Regarding the people I mentioned above,

  • You can’t trust them with the great news in your life; they’ll find a way to downplay your achievements or create unnecessary concerns.
  • They never acknowledge the value you add to their life, even though they often come to you when they’re in need.
  • They “playfully” insult you all the time about your passions, your known insecurities and what you actually like about yourself.
  • They don’t hold you accountable for that book you’re writing, that business you’re starting, that yearly health goal you’ve had for the same three years in a row. Their “encouragement” is actually meant to discourage you.
  • They’re uncomfortable with your greatness, even in matters that don’t affect them (like how well you can bowl, braid hair, or love yourself, etc.).
  • They need a bunch of attention but can’t share that attention with you or anyone else.
  • They make a whole lot of excuses any time you ask them about their progress in life. Your attempts to hold them accountable are interpreted and reacted to as attacks.

These people don’t want to glow up and they don’t want to support you while you do. So how do you weed these people out of your inner circle? By weeding out the traits in you that keep them comfortable!

Stop seeking internal validation: Know that you’re worthy first, regardless of who speaks up to validate you later
Stop discrediting yourself: Understand and value the worth in others so that it inspires you (instead of making you insecure)
Stop being too afraid to start: Develop your talents in the lanes you’re needed in, even if it means creating a lane of your own, and starting alone
Stop settling: Don’t hide or downplay your ambitions for a better life
Stop undervaluing others: Be secure in your shine and enjoy casting the spotlight on others when they deserve it
Stop breaking your own rules and crossing your own boundaries: Be consistent with your values. Financial wealth, physical attraction, and celebrity shouldn’t distort your assessment of a person’s character or how you allow them to treat you.

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