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How to Focus on Your Purpose

Anything you can do, I can’t do better. Some things? A few things? Maybe. But not anything.

While we’re bound to be better, the same or worse than each other at different things we do in life, it can sometimes seem like we have to be better than the next woman or else we’re not actually good, especially when it comes to what we believe we’re best at.

This mindset is one of the main reasons so many women struggle with being genuine friends with other women! Something that’s natural and healthy (competition), has become a toxic element in feminine circles, creating barriers where there should be connections and causing too many women unnecessary detours from their purpose.

That’s right, toxic competition has us out here distracted from achieving our dreams!

When we’re more worried with the next woman’s next move, we delay making the choices, the connections, and having the concentration it takes for us to make our own.

We have dope, over-the-top talents that The Most High blessed us to cultivate within and share with the world. I understand that my existence on earth was intentional and I have an obligation to God, myself, and the world to ensure that I am:

  • setting a righteous example for the women and young ladies around me of how to live a meaningful life
  • developing a niche society needs me in so I can fill the void that was there before I came into the picture

For more of my thoughts on how to acknowledge that every woman can’t be “the best” but each woman can still be the best version of her, watch my video below.

My hope is that you leave this page loving yourself for all that you bring to the table, especially when you catch sight of just everything the next sister is cooking up herself. I love you and I would love to hear back from you on how you deal with competition among women and how you remain focused on your personal purpose in the world. Leave me those comments below.

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