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How One Man’s Death Saved Many

As I studied John 11, I was humbled by verses 49-50 where Caiaphas was prophesied and proclaimed to the people how it was better that Jesus die rather than everyone perish:

“… Then one of them, named Caiaphas, who was high priest that year, spoke up, “You know nothing at all! You do not realize that it is better for you that one man die for the people than that the whole nation perish.””

I encourage you to study the entire chapter but this one prophetic statement rang within me.

Many fail to realize the true state of man before the Most High. We truly don’t deserve to be here. We all deserve death because just our very nature alone acts in offense to Him. We are in great denial of our nature and underestimate the depraved state we are actually in spiritually. We see symptoms like injustice and unjust gains, isms, murder, colonization, rape, broken hearts, suicide and think we alone can fix it. We may even do good and have the mind and desire to do right but things continue to be bad; always a war, an offense; hate, ignorance, killing, prisons, abuse; dysfunctional systems and relationships—no matter how hard we try to do better and share truth or expose lies.

Why? Because it’s who we truly are and it’s deeper than humanity and is beyond our ability to naturally fix things. It’s a war against something, the enemy we can’t see but experience the constant effects of. Because of our very births into iniquity, our hearts are raised greatly deceived and automatically hardened to commit acts against the One who has created us and taken the penalty for our constant treason against Him. We are raised with the automatic proclivity to move against the Most High and hate His Son (the Father’s word and sacrifice for us).

As a parent, one of the worst and most annoying things is when your children don’t appreciate the work and sacrifice you’ve provided for them. Yet this is what we have done and continue to do against the Father—hate His Sacrifice and work done for us through HaMashiach, His Son. People hate the Son and have always tried to dismiss Him or overstep Him to get to the Most High, as if we are holy enough to just be in His presence like that…as if He’s our homeboy. The people hated Jesus then and still do today. The Son gets in the way of us raising ourselves as the highest as Satan himself declared against the Lord and deceived Eve with (Isaiah 14:13-14, Genesis 3:5). We are like children seeking the crown of our father the king, willing to murder the rightful heir to take claim.

But still, Jesus died as one man to prevent God’s judgment against us all. However, if you ask us, we don’t need saving. See the arrogance here?

Don’t allow people to influence you into thinking Jesus Christ and our need for salvation through Him isn’t real. This is a grand deception throughout the world. This very idea of Jesus saving people has been mocked since the moment He was on the cross, in the very process of doing what He said He would—save those of us who would believe in Him. “Save yourself” they mocked (Mark 15:29-32). But instead He stayed on that cross to save us from our own demise and fulfill the will of the Father. Hallelujah for His strength and grace. Praise Him today and be thankful for His mercy and deep love.

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