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How One Man Spent One Week in Virtual Reality

That’s 168 hours of sleeping, eating, and working all inside a computer-simulated world.

Jak Wilmont, co-founder of the VR content studio & community, Disrupt has taken on the challenge to spend a full week living in virtual reality and documenting his experience. We’ve previously discussed briefly some of the implications of extended reality (augmented and virtual reality), but this experiment definitely takes it to a whole new level.

Not only did Wilmont record his experience, but he also live-streamed it as verifiable proof of his accomplishment. And what was the result? According to Wilmont, a bit of nausea, some disorientation, a slight headache and a greater appreciation for the “smell of nature”.  He reported it took him about 5 hours or so to get reacclimated to the real world once he finally took the headset off.

Wilmont recently posted a brief documentary and summation of his experience with details about how he went about his day from showers to getting work done and even how he managed to remain socially engaged with others during this very interesting VR trial.



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