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How “Back to the Future” Is Ever So Slightly a Biblical Movie

What if I told you Back to the Future was a biblical movie? It’s probably a stretch in the traditional sense, but bear with me. My fascination with time and God’s eternal existences outside of it is well documented. What I would consider to be my signature piece on GTHU is entitled A Timely Article About Time for Those Who Have Time to Read It. I love the topic of our limitations within time versus God’s nature outside of it, and I try to challenge others with the importance of it.

So there I was this morning worshipping God to a song called “Good Enough” by Toronto based rapper Dru Bex. It’s an incredible song so I’ve done that a quite a few times lately, and therefore, have heard the song following it quite a few times as well. This morning a piece of its hook stood out,

“If I had a time machine, I wouldn’t change a thing”

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 1.32.45 PMPerhaps you’ve seen the clip of the guy with “No Regerts” tattooed on his arm as we’re supposed to bask in the irony of how bad he indeed regrets it. It might be a dumb commercial, but it has a lesson about eternity in it. As I heard that hook this morning it caught my attention because I applied it for the first time and asked myself what I would change if I could time travel. So of course, I thought of the blockbuster smash hit Back to the Future.

Since the moment Satan convinced us to be like him, we’ve desired control, knowledge, and power over things that only God actually has the capable power and knowledge to control—and the margin is so absurdly wide that we can’t even scratch the surface of how foolish we are for even trying. Welcome to the limitations of human existence, where we’re so limited we don’t even understand how limited our understanding of our own limitations actually is. Selah.

It’s obvious to me that His ability to overcome both time and space (as capable of being everywhere eternally at the same time) is exactly what lends to Him also eternally possessing all knowledge in existence. And yet, in spite of this, there are actually humans, trapped within space and time, who have the nerve to treat others as lesser creatures because they believe they know everything. May I politely suggest that you humble yourself in the sight of the Lord because not only are you annoying those around you, but it might be worth considering the implications of that attitude being the same one that got Satan booted from heaven. I digress.

Hollywood has long been a barometer useful to measure these fascinations to overcome that which we can’t. We tend to hate that we are limited geographically and have done everything we can to overcome it. An honest analysis admits that we really don’t even know that much about the very rock we stand on, but our fascination with escaping to the other side of our atmosphere has produced so many imagination filled movies that humans are literally grasping onto the idea that if we ruin this planet we’ll be able to just hop to another one. I’m not anti-science in the least bit, but I am pro-understanding our limitations. Nobody is even making the trip to Mars unless He allows it, but the one percenters are already calling their real estate agents as if they’re buying a summer home in Miami.

A really far out there example comes from a movie about dreams. I’ve always found it funny how humans have the audacity to think we can rival God and take His throne, and yet for approximately eight hours a night, His very design for us as creatures renders us useless. We don’t completely know why, and yet a movie like Leonardo DiCaprio’s Inception even went so far as to try and understand overcoming that boundary.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 1.43.05 PMNow back to the dimension of time; let me first say that I don’t personally believe humans will ever time travel as presented in the movies. I would rather live knowing God’s got my future and has taken care of my past, so I’m completely free to enjoy and make the most out of each moment as they come and go. See, that’s actual time travel. We’re already doing it, we just have a tendency to get angry at the limited amount of control we have, when we should, for our very own benefit be trying to give Him every ounce of it.

The moral of the story is that we always fail epically when we try to control something we shouldn’t. As I’m sure you’ve already pieced together here, ol’ Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown did nothing more than give us a depiction of how awful we would be at trying to control time while simultaneously being bound by it. You do realize that even if you accomplished this concept of time travel, you’re still nothing compared to God. What would you really accomplish? I personally think any one of us would, in no time flat, cause such a hellacious mess we’d beg God to time travel back to before we knew how to. Which, at this point, I’m philosophically so neck-deep I don’t even know if that would be possible.

I think we all hear “no regrets” and at minimum at least giggle internally as we ponder probably more than a handful of horrible things we’ve been through. And yet, we seem to have this fascination with wishing we could say it confidently. We see someone on television say it, and with a tinge of envy wonder if it’s because they haven’t been through the horrible things we have. Nevertheless, I would like to contend that as a Christian, you can say “no regrets” with the best kind of confidence. On a fundamental level of faith, I wouldn’t change a thing because God used those horrible events in a mighty way.

We don’t actually have a choice when it comes to struggle, but even if it were presented as an offer to me, I would accept having to struggle, knowing that within it, my experience with God would go places otherwise impossible. If you don’t know God, I imagine that sounds like crazy talk. In fact, He even said it would sound like foolishness to those who don’t know Him, but hear me please; once you’ve experienced it, there’s no going back. It’s so worth it that it makes everything else pale in comparison until making sure you’re walking with Him is the central focus of your very existence, because you desperately want it to be. It’s the ride of a lifetime and nah, I really wouldn’t change a thing.





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