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How Accepting Today’s Defeat Will Bring Victory in the Future

I know it’s another article title with a paradox, but I seem to stumble across them fairly regularly in comparing the way God works with the general methods of the world. Surely you know which victory I speak of–the one where we get to laugh at death, and live life knowing the fight is fixed because He sealed it on a cross? Yeah it’s pretty amazing, but what boggles my mind is that in the midst of a struggle, when we should have every frustrating reason to accept that victory and give up on our own ways, we instead let pride step right in between. When I approach any situation with my own game plan outside of God’s, the inevitable frustration eventually lands square back on my own shoulders making time in a mirror more confrontational than anything. And yet, still a seemingly thousand times moreover I’ll just reach for the drawing board and try to refine my own plan because my ignorant pride tells me to.

The only thing more miserable than being trapped within that cycle is feeling trapped even while having the Holy Spirit-given conviction of being able to tell that you are. Ultimately it boils down to our brains being trapped within the dimension of time while they’re trying to understand eternal realities. Believers, that win is already on our record. It may seem like it belongs to the future, but that victory is ours this very moment if we accept today’s defeat of our self-seeking flesh.

God's own people wandered a desert for four decades because they didn't trust the victory in hand
God’s own people wandered a desert for four decades because they didn’t trust the victory in hand

That’s the upside down logic. The Bible says the poor in spirit are the ones who are actually blessed. It says we have to lose our lives in order to find them, and that’s exactly what I mean when I put forth that we have to accept a daily defeat in order to live within the eternal victory. We have to stop living like we’re defeated! Lay claim to the “die daily” way of life and watch what God does. Once you have yourself out-of-the-way, He can proceed to plug you into your purpose. It’s a focused effort of submission that we must discipline ourselves for. I’ll paraphrase, but Oswald Chambers said if we would only develop the habit of saying “Speak Lord”, our lives would become a romance.

Any time we can’t step out of this cycle, it’s a lack of faith issue. Like literally everything else in this world, our faith breaks down over time if we don’t maintain it properly. The preacher I sat under this morning summed it up perfectly,

“A lack of faith is a leash binding you to your past”

Hamster wheels and merry-go-rounds are no place for Christ-driven winners. Walk away and look up for a change. The struggle isn’t just so you’ll learn a lesson, but God is hoping your reaction teaches Satan one.

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