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Help Our Grow The Heck Up Editor-In-Chief Find Her Biological Family is a labor of love. There are 14 of us who make the wheels on the bus go ’round, and none of us are getting paid (yet), but we try to be a blessing to one another when we can. We have a small faithful handful of very talented people who make great contributions to this brand. One of them is our editor-in-chief, Giannine Grace Commodore. I’ve known Giannine for a couple of years now and she’s truly been instrumental in helping GrowTheHeckUp become what it is today. She needs our help. She’s trying to use the internet and social media find her biological family. She doesn’t know I’m writing this because she didn’t ask me to. But she will when she edits this post 🙂 She posted the following message to Facebook asking for help:

FACEBOOK SLEUTHS: I NEED YOUR HELP! (***Please share*** if this is shared enough, it will be seen by the right person!)

Both of my parents were adopted by wonderful families; however, I would like to find the biological family of my late father. We met his dad when I was about 9-years-old but never met his mom, though they exchanged letters and pictures back-and-forth. Here is what I know:

*My dad’s name at birth was Danny (Daniel?). He was born November 21, 1954 in Oregon City(?) Oregon. After his adoption, his name was changed to Robert (Bob) Arbie Olsen.

**My grandfather is Charles (Chuck) Gibson and he lived in Oregon. I believe he may now be deceased.

*I believe my grandmother’s name is Jean and she has been married for many years to a Latino man who goes by the name “Shorty”. Shorty’s name is Jose Angel and he was born August 2nd, 1931.

*They had 4 children, I believe—Tony, Rita (Bugsy), Mickey, and Mousy (nicknames).
I have included pictures sent to my dad by his mom several years ago. I was a child at the time but heard they lost contact. I would really, really love to find and connect with these family members…PLEASE SHARE and if you know any of these people, please message me. Thank you so much!

Much thanks in advance to everyone who shares and inquires. Many blessings.


Editor’s note: Giannine is no longer on Facebook so the original post no longer exists but sharing this blog would be appreciated!

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