Sunday , July 23 2017
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GTHU Episode 01: 20 Things Rich People Do Every Day

Greetings saints and sinners,

We’ve finally launched our new GrowTheHeckUp YouTube web series and we’ll be dropping content to our YouTube channel regularly, so make sure you SUBSCRIBE! Here it is ladies and gentlemen: 20 Things the Rich Do Every Day:

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About Captain O.G.

Captain O.G. aka Lavoisier Cornerstone is the founder and CEO of GrowTheHeckUp. He's a hip-hop artist, activist, public speaker and teacher from Brooklyn, NYC and now resides in Houston, TX. His music videos have been featured on,,, and Lavoisier is passionate about music, technology, and education. He was mentioned in USA TODAY by activist and former White House special adviser, Van Jones, for his activity in the world of startup culture, and his work with children, teaching them how to code.

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