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GrowTheHeckUp Acquires Majority Stake in CHHToday, Plans to Rebrand as CHHToday Sports #CHHTS

GrowTheHeckUp has announced that it has acquired a majority stake in Christian hip-hop brand CHHToday (and and that it plans to rebrand as CHHToday Sports. GrowTheHeckUp founder Lavoisier Cornerstone said of the acquisition,

“Some people know me for saying I don’t follow sports but I follow the business of sports and I always follow the story lines that spill over—from the faith of the athletes to their lives in mainstream culture. So many believers are passionate about sports but there’s no dope platform built by believers that’s dedicated to sports as its primary draw. So I thought this would be another great way to feed the body of Christ and build the Kingdom and hopefully make an impact in the marketplace.”

Nathan Mathis on his decision to change roles at CHHToday said,

“CHHToday began in 2014 as a passion hobby to share the music that changed my life and helped lead me to Christ. By the grace of God it has outgrown my ability as my life has also been pulling in other directions for a while now. To have a brother and friend like Vois is such an incredible blessing as there is literally no one else I could imagine handing off the torch to. I am confident that he and the rest of the GrowTheHeckUp team will take it to exactly where I couldn’t on my own”

The details of the acquisition were not disclosed but GrowTheHeckUp is now the majority stakeholder in CHHToday.

“I love building. Whether it’s building people or families or businesses. It’s going to be a challenge but we’re super excited to be expanding and venturing out with CHHTS.” Lavoisier said. Former pro baseball player Harvey Hargrove has been appointed as COO of CHHToday / CHHToday Sports; Jimmy “JaeIsLa” Perez has been appointed as CEO of the venture.”

When asked how long the transition will take Vois had this to say,

“We’re playing it by ear but our emphasis is on infrastructure and content. We wanna recruit and develop the talent it will take to make CHHToday Sports successful.”

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