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God Over Money’s Jered Sanders Releases Free Mixtape “VerseAtility”

God Over Money’s Jered Sanders is setting out to prove that you indeed do not have to get ready if you stay ready. In the course of about six months, he’s not only signed a deal with Bizzle and the GOM team, but released an EP, potential album of the year, and now a free mixtape. And that’s the beautiful thing about this well deserved buzz he has built, it’s all courtesy of the God driven music.

I’m sure signing with God Over Money has helped his buzz, but they signed him because he already had it. In fact, Datin told me he’s had his eye on him since hearing the Daylight Savings Time album. We haven’t seen a lot of music videos from him, or caught many tour stops yet, but he has earned a spot in the category of artists I call “The Undeniables”. It’s a fairly select group of artists who I never have to hesitate to support as a writer, and you never have to hesitate to support as a fan. I prefer to consume music in the form of full albums in one sitting, and these are the artists who satisfy that hunger with front-to-back solid albums that contain no filler. Welcome to the club Jered.

You’ve got music to listen to so enough of my ramblings. Preview and download here.


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