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Go to Work: Two White Dads Murder a Trap Beat (Video)

These guys KILLED this beat. Protige and Eboli are two Dope A** Dudes, or DAD. DAD is a rap group made up of two guys from Sioux City, Iowa who now have a whole new perspective on the way that they live their lives since becoming fathers. The DAD narrative, which they describe as Dadlife, mixed with real rap skills combines to make a dope and interesting musical journey. “Night of the Living Dad” is the first installment by Protige and Eboli. Be careful though, the entire project isn’t for families of all ages. The playful song “B****es In The Kennel” for instance raps “B****es in the kennel, hoes in the garden/ first we hit the dentist then we roll into Target/ Coke by the 12 pack, Molly is the baby-sitter/ wifey lookin’ fly, bout to make you a baby sister”. So the “b-word” refers to actual dogs and the “hoes” refer to actual garden tools. These dudes really got bars and that makes the distinct difference between a gimmick and a concept. While I can do without the profanity, I love the concept and the ingenuity of this group and even many of the family values of work and family. I’ll definitely be checking for them to see what they come up with next.

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