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Forbes Magazine Covers Dee-1 and Provides Student Loan Tips

It’s amazing to me to see what God has done with Dee-1’s song “Sallie Mae Back“.  Although the song itself isn’t explicitly about his faith as a Christian, it has exposed him to millions and I can only imagine how many found the Gospel when trying to learn more about his music. logoThe latest instance of amazing exposure comes courtesy of none other than Forbes Magazine.  Their current average audience readership sit at 6.3 million, which is three million more than their closest competitor.  I’m not trying to say it’s all about numbers on some, “oh look what Dee-1 did.”  Nah, but I’m thinking look what God is doing. Dee-1 is an outspoken Christian, so what does it mean that God would use a topical song like this to expose him to the world?  I’ll let you work that out in your own minds, but it’s my experience that God can work in unconventional ways at times, and this seems to be one of them.

The article itself is something anyone dealing with student loans in their past, present, or future should read.  It opens by giving props to Dee-1 for his song, but goes on to highlight real life stories of people finding a way to overcome their education debt.

For example, Kate Mertz paid off a $45,000 loan in a little over a year.  Her comment was,

“I just kept hearing stories about people in their 40s, 50s and 60s still paying on their student loans, and I didn’t want that to be me.”

She earned a degree from St. Thomas School of Law, but then became worried that the debt would become paralyzing.  Through what can only be described as a focused dedication to getting out from under the loan, her and her husband set aside almost every amount of disposable income until it was paid off.  When it came to frivolous spending on things she knew she didn’t really need, she always asked herself,

“Do you want this right now or do you want to get this loan off your back?”

The article continues with more examples that you can read here.  Let me know in the comments what you think of this recent explosion of exposure Dee-1 has had.  Do you believe God is exposing Dee-1 to a secular audience?

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